Robust Growth in 3D Imaging Market Thanks to Unconventional Applications

Three dimensional imaging or stereoscopy is a popular technique for enhancing the illusion of depth through stereopsis or binocular vision. 3D imaging technology provides exclusive visual effects while creating the illusion of depth, which helps the viewers to get enhanced 360 degree view of the images. One of the most diverse technologies, three dimensional imaging has varied applications across different industrial verticals, which makes it highly popular. Rising demand and wake of unconventional applications are driving the global 3D imaging market, which is a vital sign for the existing businesses and potential investors in the industry. Apart from rising demand, constant innovations in technology also serve as a strong reason for growth in the market.

Market Drivers and Segmentation

As mentioned before, 3D imaging technology provides enhanced visual effects for images, which makes it highly popular in terms of applications across different industrial verticals. It is one of the reasons for the rising demand in the global 3D imaging market as well. Apart from the conventional applications like designing and manufacturing, the technology is now increasingly introduced to newer industries, which is influencing the demand and supply pattern in the global industry. Since its invention, stereoscopy is constantly evolving, which is proving advantageous for the overall market for this technology.

Basic segmentation in 3D imaging market is based on the types of devices and applications of the technology. Demand across different geographic regions is also considered for enhanced analysis of the overall industry. The technology is commonly used across diverse industrial verticals including designing, manufacturing, security, defense, military, medicine, construction businesses and information technology. With the increasing range of applications, the market is naturally expected to have positive influence in terms of demand, penetration, innovation and global presence.


3D Imaging Market

3D Imaging Market Size By Region – 2018

Market Trends and Forecasting

With a strong demand and swift adoption of 3D technologies the 3D imaging market is witnessing great traction all over the world. Different unconventional markets like healthcare, building and construction, public safety and defense and such other verticals are adoption to these techniques at a rapid rate. Rising popularity of 3D imaging is attracting leading businesses to make hefty investments in this market. All these trends have positive influence on the demand and supply of the 3D imaging industry on global scale. Different 3D imaging solutions like 3D scanning, 3D rendering and 3D modeling are creating positive stir within the market.

According to the market research reports, 3D imaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 26% from year2013 to 2018. During the aforementioned forecasting period of over four to five years, the market is anticipated to reach $9.82 billion by 2018, which was poised at $3.01 billion in 2013.

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