Is the Future Safe for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Market?

The world is fast accepting the smart metering technology, which is a huge reason for the growing advanced metering infrastructure market across various parts of the world. Advanced metering infrastructure or AMI is the most basic and crucial step for smart grid optimization and smart metering. AMI is a powerful system that collects and analyzes energy usage and creates communication channels between metering devices. The range of application for these systems is on the rise, which is also cited to be the reason for the worldwide growth of this industry.



Studying the segmentation of the market is necessary, when it comes to creating marketing research reports and forecasting analysis for the global advanced metering infrastructure market. Segmentation in this marked is based on the type of hardware, users, solutions, services, applications and regions where they are utilized. AMI systems are popularly used for residential as well as commercial projects, which makes them versatile and convenient to use. Home energy management (HEM) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) are the two basic applications of this system. AMI systems are easy to integrate with a variety of services, which increases its application span.

Smart meters used in various metering services such as heat meters, electric meters, water meters and gas meters; energy management devices and communication modules are the types of hardware used for the advanced metering infrastructure. The services offered by AMI include management, consulting, system integration, deployment and using AMI as a service (AMIaaS). The solutions provided by this industry include AMI security, analytics, meter data management and meter communication infrastructure. These varied applications and services make AMI systems popular amongst various parts of the world. According to the recent reports, Europe is the biggest market for the advanced metering infrastructure.

Marketing research and forecasting reports for the AMI market is highly positive. According to the study, the market will make progress at an estimated CAGR of 12.4%. These numbers estimate the CAG rate from 2013 to 2018, which will take the market from $15.89 billion to $28.45 billion. These values also state the increasing market opportunities on global platform. Reports also claim that Europe will remain to lead the advanced metering infrastructure market in the years to come. Despite the higher costs, the industry can expect great acceptance from various regions of the world. all the leading businesses will also focus on providing end-to-end services, which will channel the revenues.


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