Benefits and Limitations of Market Research

Do you want to find out about the deficit in your products and marketing strategies? If yes, then market research is the best way to track all the problems and find the right solutions. Apart from established firms, this research is also beneficial for new and smaller business willing to make their mark. Using various business research tools and techniques, you get the correct answers to the required questions. Marketing research or industry research is a technique of gathering, analyzing and presenting all the relevant data about a particular market. It is important to perform such research studies before launching a new product or business.  Businesses can either perform this research on their own or hire professional research firms that do the job for them.

Business Research Techniques and Methods

Industry research is ideal for identifying the segments, competition and trends in the market where you want to launch your product or business. There are two types of market research, namely, primary or field research and secondary or desk research. Both these types of are crucial steps of this intricate process of collecting all the essential market data and systematically analyzing it for relevant answers. Both these types are further divided into various subtypes and methods like surveys, focal groups, personal interviews, field trials, etc. that are used as and when required.

Benefits of Market Research

Accuracy is the biggest advantage of these research reports. When performed by a professional market research firm result of your report is accurate, in depth and to-the-point. Following are the basic advantages of business research:

  • —  Provides crucial customer feedback
  • —  Guides communication with current and potential customers
  • —  Measures reputation and brand value
  • —  Guides to establish market positioning
  • —  Helps minimizing risks
  • —  Helps identify opportunities
  • —  Helps identify competition
  • —  Helps identify potential problems
  • —  Helps determine the most persuasive promise of the brand

Limitations of Market Research

  • —  Difficulty to avoid groupthink mentality and bring about neutral results.
  • —  Limited resources for in-house research can hamper effectiveness and accuracy.
  • —  Centralized research brings geographical difficulties and limitations for detailed research.

General observation shows that limitations of business research are apparent in the in-house or internal research projects. When a market research company collects the data, the results are highly accurate, resourceful and thorough.

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