Communications Test and Measurement Market Driven by Rising Bandwidth Demand

Reliable test and management services become vital for a digital network in order to organize its communication channels. Different types of methodologies and techniques are used for keeping track of communications in an enterprise. Growth in the use of bandwidth and introduction to numerous next generation technologies are creating strong demand for the global communications test and management market. The CT&M industry is expected to maintain steady growth rate, especially with the frequently increasing demand and advancing methodologies.

Types of Test & Measurement Techniques – Segmentation

In order to understand the growth trends and future development prospects for the industry, researchers have segmented it into different types of products and end users. Analysis of this segmentation creates clear picture about the current market scenario and helps the experts to establish future business parameters for the existing players in the industry. The types of tests include field network, enterprise, network assurance, and lab and manufacturing. The solutions available in the communications test and measurement market are divided into wireless and wireline segments.

The services available in the CT&M market include professional and consulting, product support, and managed services. Major end users in the communications test and equipment market include mobile device manufacturers, telecom and IT service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and enterprises of different capacities. On the basis of geographic regions, the market is categorized into Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. As per the analysis of these segments, researchers claim healthy growth of this industry in near future.

Drivers and Forecasts

The global CT&M market is driven by the steadily rising demand from different end users located in different geographic segments of the industry. apart from that, LET/4G network rollouts, growth in wireless data traffic, multiple network testing, growth in the research and development activities and funding in the telecom and IT sector, and rapid adoption of smart devices are some of the major industry drivers. Growth in the mobile data traffic and adoption of software-defined modular instrumentation are also significant factors creating demand in this industry on global scale. Keeping pace with new technologies seems to be the only major challenge for communications test and measurement market.

According to the experts, the global market is expected to maintain a steady compound annual growth rate. As per the experts, the communications test and measurement market is expected to reach past $5.51 billion by the end of the year 2018. As per the research, the market was poised at $3.75 billion in 2013. North America and Asia Pacific regions are expected to dominate the rest of the geographic regions of the market, in terms of revenue. However, Europe and Latin America are expected to witness impressive growth in terms of market traction.

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