Communications Test and Measurement Market Growing at Healthy CAGR

Next generation wireless and cellular technology is driving other technological market at surprisingly upbeat rate. Rising demand for bandwidth and developments in the global mobile phone markets are also proving to be significant for the increasing demand for communications test and measurement market. According to the expert, global market for these technologies are booming with evolving technology, rising demand and applications across multitude of systems. This is a heartening fact for the existing companies looking for business expansions across different parts of the world. Potential entrants are also hopeful for gaining advantages of the current conditions of the market.

Segmentation in CTM Market

The global communications test and measurement market is segmented into different types of communication tests, testing equipment, services, end users, and regions. All these segments are further divided based on their demand, deployment, development, and revenue across different regions. Following are the details of the segmentation:

  • Test: Field network, enterprise, network assurance, lab and manufacturing, etc.
  • Equipment: Wireline and wireless
  • Service: Professional, product, and managed services
  • End-User: Telecommunication, mobile device manufacturers, NEMs & telecom service providers
  • Geography: Latin America, North America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific

CTM Industry Drivers and Trends

Global communications test and measurement market or CTM industry majorly depends on telecommunications industry. Advances and failures of the global telecom sector automatically influence the conditions in the CTM industry. In such conditions, high growth prospects in the telecommunications industry is considered to be a good sign for the industry. Increasing subscriber base for different advanced technologies like WiMax, 3G, 4G, and LTE have triggered the growth prospects for this industry.

The communication and measurement products are useful for equipment manufacturers, network operators, and broadband service providers. Through CTM technology, they are able to provide high quality data, voice and video services to the mobile and fixed networks. These services enable easy deployment of network services across various areas. They reduce CAPEX and help the provision of high quality experience and effective service management.

The global communication test and measurement market is witnessing tremendous growth opportunities within the wireless industry, for test equipment vendors. Increasing demands from wireless market is influencing the overall market trends, progress of the existing industry players, and business expansions. As a result of all these factors, experts estimate the industry to grow from $3.75 billion in 2013 and achieve market worth of around $5.51 billion by the end of 2018.

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