Connected Car Market worth $98.42 Billion

The E&SC practice at MarketsandMarkets is pleased to announce its Analyst Briefing Presentation on the “Global Connected Car Market (2013-2018): By Connectivity Technology (LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G, HSPA); Form Factor (Tethered, Embedded, Integrated); Product & Service (OEM & Aftermarket), Application (Navigation, Telematics, Infotainment) & Geography”

Providing Internet connectivity in car has turned out to be an indispensable reality these days and would continue to be so in the years to come. Connected car is being rightly called as the next big technological breakthrough for automotive industry. The amount of interest and effort all across the value chain of the ecosystem suggest that players are going full throttle to cash in the big money that market is offering and is yet to offer. The major companies  include General Motors (U.S.), BMW (Germany), Ford (U.S.), Audi (Germany), Diamler AG (Germany), Harman International (U.S.), TomTom (U.S.), Luxoft (Russia), Sierra Wireless (U.S.), Apple Inc (U.S.), AT&T (U.S.), Alcatel Lucent (The Netherlands), Verizon (U.S.), and China Mobile (China), Microsoft (U.S.), QNX Software (U.S.), Delphi Automotive (U.S.), and Intel Inc. (U.S.) among others. The global Connected Car Market shipments are expected to reach 59.86 million units and $98.42 billion by 2018.

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The report presents detailed insight and trend of the market with quantitative and qualitative information. It segments the global connected car market on the basis of types of connectivity technology, form factor, products and services, application, and geography. Further, it contains revenue forecast and trends analysis with respect to the market. The connected car market by connectivity discusses the technology that is deployed to provide Internet connectivity to the car. LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, and HSPA are analyzed in detail. The connected car market by from factors is segmented by the network enablement mode. Connected car by form factor discusses the three types of enabling technologies such as embedded, tethered, and integrated. Both – product and service markets are discussed in detail. Service market is further segmented into OEM service market and aftermarket service market. Product market discusses the market by end product such as display/screen, telematics products such as telematics control unit and connectivity modules.

The application market has been covered under three exhaustive segments – navigation, telematics, and infotainment. Both – quantitative and qualitative data are given for each sub segments along with the mapping of each application areas to geographic region. The report discusses the global connected car market under four geographical heads; namely North America, Europe, APAC, and ROW. The geographical analysis contains the in-depth classification for North America, Europe, and APAC, which contains the major countries covering the market. The sections and the sub-segments in the report would contain drivers, restraints, opportunities, current market trends, winning imperatives, and burning issues of the global connected car market. Apart from the market segmentation, report also includes the critical market data for each product type, Porter’s five force analysis, value chain with detailed process flow diagram, and market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities.

The agenda for the briefing includes discussion on key high growth markets, thereby marking the growth trend in the global connected car market. Furthermore, a briefing will be conducted on the competitive scenario and geographic trends and opportunities in the macro-markets and micro-markets with respect to North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and ROW.

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