Context Aware Computing Market Driven by Surge of Smartphones

Context awareness originated from ubiquitous or pervasive computing that connect environment with computer systems. Context aware computing or CAC is complimentary to location awareness and is a property of mobile devices. Context is applied more flexibly as compared to location and is highly popular amongst smartphone manufacturers. Applications working on this technology deliver user based and personalized information according to their location, social context, proximity to various objects and various other factors including environment. This technology enables context triggered actions which are based on the information gathered by the end user experiences. Big players in smartphones and computing devices industry are focusing on this technology, which is driving context awareness computing market at a rapid rate. Rising demand and applications are expected to create better business environment for the industry worldwide.

Segmentation and Drivers in CAC Market

Businesses from around the world determine the next course of action in terms of investments, expansion and positioning of their brand based on market research reports. In case of context aware computing market, one needs to carefully analyze vital components of the industry, which mainly comprise technology types, products and their demand across different industrial verticals located at different geographic locations. Major products in the CAC industry include adaptive phones, active maps, guided systems, augmented reality, cyber guides, conference assistants, web browsers, information delivery, people and object pagers, location aware information delivery, shopping assistants and other such products.


Context Aware Computing Technology Roadmap

All the aforementioned products are based on different types of technologies including vendors, networks and context. Different industrial verticals demanding context aware computing technology include consumer electronics, consumer goods, BFSI, retail, utilities, energy, logistics, transportation, gaming, healthcare, office and commercial environments, manufacturing, government, IT and telecom, travel, hospitality and home environments. Geographically, context aware computing market is segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. Major stakeholders in the industry include data security providers, application developers, telecom service providers, network integrators, investors, app developers and research organizations.

Market Trends and Forecasting Reports

Growing investment ratio and increasing interest of key industry players like Apple Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Intel have created better business opportunities in the CAC market. Rising demand for smartphones, high-tech computing devices and growing social networking platforms are creating advanced avenues for contextual advertising, which is targeted at end users and gaining higher revenues. Rapid growth of the emerging markets like Asia Pacific and Latin America are also contributing to the overall market conditions including revenue and opportunities in future. During the forecasting period from 2013 to 2018, global context aware computing market is expected to maintain healthy CAGR of over 35% and reach $119.90 billion by the end of 2018. In 2012, the market was worth $12.60 billion in 2012. Forecasts claim that Asia Pacific, Middle East and other emerging regions are poised to witness groundbreaking progress in terms of adoption of these technologies.

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