3 Drivers for Converged Infrastructure Market from 2014 – An Overview

Converged infrastructure or CI is a popular approach to the management of datacenters. These systems heavily rely on specific vendors and their partners in order to provide hardware and software bundles configured beforehand. Strong rise in the number of internet users across various industrial verticals have increased the demand for different systems used for the storage, computing, and complete utilization of the information technology resources. Along with the traditional datacenter solutions, companies have started using various cost effective equipment to share the increasing workload. Strong rise in demand is expected to drive the converged infrastructure market in the coming years. Technological advancements and IT revolution across emerging markets are expected to create impressive business opportunities for the global players.

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Scope of Research – CI Market Segments

Researchers segment the global converged infrastructure market on the basis of its basic elements, which include CI components, services, and types of architecture, end-users, and geographic regions. Basic components of this infrastructure include support, server, storage, networking and infrastructure software. The services available in the market include consulting, professional services, installation and integration services, and support and maintenance services. Analysis of all these factors provides details about the industry drivers, restraints, challenges and growth opportunities.

Market Drivers & Restraints

The global converged infrastructure market is steadily driven by three major driving factors. These factors include low capex and opex of information technology, and aging traditional datacenter technologies across different companies and industrial verticals. Apart from that, aligning IT as per the business requirements is also creating investment and growth opportunities for potential as well as established players in the market. Finding the right partner for converged infrastructure is the basic restraining factor for the market. However, companies are aiming at steady growth from integrated management, just-in-time deployment, anywhere deployment, and better workload management provided by these solutions and services.

What to Expect – Forecasts

The global converged infrastructure market is projected to maintain impressive rise as far as the converged infrastructure market is concerned. From 2014 to 2019, the industry is anticipated to grow at a healthy CAGR of over 24%. At the estimated growth rate, the market is expected to become worth $33.89 billion by 2019, which is estimated to be worth $11.53 billion in 2014. Strong rise of the cloud infrastructure as an alternative to the traditional solutions have created great business opportunities for the players in this market. Rising applications and services in the industry are also attracting more customers and companies towards this market. emergence of the developing regions like Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa as the market leaders have also contributed to the rise in demand for the market.

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