Is Integration Really the Key for Growing Data Center Security Market?

The information technology market is trending with technological advancements since past few decades. Virtualization of all the essential data and introduction of cloud services has increased the number of data centers across the globe. Data centers hold the core information of an organization, which makes them crucial for large enterprises and medium businesses. Current global IT market is looking for expansion in terms of spending and growth. Security of the data center is a crucial issue that the organizations in this industry have to handle on a priority basis. Progress of the data center security market is associated with the increasing utilization of these safety measures and growing IT sector.

Data center is a place that stores computer system and its components including backup power supplies, environment controls such as air conditioning and fire extinguishing, redundant data communication connections and other security devices. Security risks to the data center include attacks by spyware, malware, worms and viruses, unauthorized access and misdemeanor at the part of any wrong people. All these factors make security a major concern for the organizations. This is the basic driver for the global data center security market. Through these solutions, organizations can easily find out apt solutions for various security problems.

These multilayer security channels safeguard the servers and networks from various harmful elements, and provide end-to-end security management. These solutions also provide targeted security, which deals with individual problems and worrisome areas of the business such as antivirus software, encryption techniques and firewall installation. Various information technology and IT enabled services (ITES) can avail bountiful benefits of these services at their convenience. The global data center security market has a great segmentation based on the environments, logical and physical data center security solutions, facility size of the centers and business verticals.

Logical and physical security are the basic types of these solutions that provide service to both the cloud provider and collocation environments. Analysis and modeling, video surveillance, access control and monitoring solutions are the popular types of physical security. Logical security on the other hand contains threat and application security solutions, data center security services, data protection solutions, compliance management and access control to the digital data. According to the market study, the market is set to witness steady growth in the near future.

Growing concerns about cyber security and data center safety on global level, will contribute to increased demands in the market. According to the forecasting reports, the market can expect to increase at an estimated CAGR of 16.3% within next four to five years. As of 2013, the market is poised at $6.46 billion, which will increase to an estimated $13.77 billion by 2018.


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