Feed Fats & Proteins Market Seeks Sustainable Business Opportunities in Future

Animal feed forms like forage and fodder are often combined with certain types of additives in order to achieve the desired nutrients level. Along with the feed flavors and other nutrients, animal feed manufacturers also use feed fats and proteins in order to help the animals and livestock to grow as per the required parameters. They are also used to increase the yield and production of animal products. The increase global demand for meat and other animal products is considered to be the strongest growth factor for the global feed fats & proteins market. According to the experts, growing demand from emerging markets like Asia Pacific is expected to create major rise in demand for this industry, during next few years.

Drivers and Trends in Feed Fat & Protein Industry

Since the past few years, the animal industry is witnessing substantial rise in terms of the demand and consumption of meat, dairy and the rest of the animal feed products. This rising demand is attributed to various factors including changing lifestyle, eating habits and health concerns of the consumers. This rise in demand is the strongest driver for the industry manufacturers who are using additional nutrients in animal feed in order to increase the yield as well as quality of products. Cost mitigation in the livestock production is also a significant factor driving the growth of this industry. Rising demand for milk and other dairy products from Asia Pacific and other developing countries along with industrialization of animal husbandry are also some of the major drivers for the market.

What to Expect After 2014?

As per the latest research reports, the feed fats & proteins market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5$ from 2014 to 2019. At this growth rate, it is expected to become worth more than $8,379.7 million by the end of the forecasting period, in 2019. The key players in the feed fats and proteins market are expecting steady growth during the next few years, thanks to the growing demand for animal products. Asia Pacific is expected to be the most dominating geographic region in the global industry. The region is expected to witness steep rise in terms of growth rate, revenue channels, investment opportunities and most importantly, the demand.

Outbreaks of various diseases and government regulations over feed additives, however, are expected to limit the growth of the industry during the forecasting period. Nevertheless, growth in demand across emerging regions like Latin America and Asia Pacific and increasing sustainable growth opportunities are expected to drive the industry in the near future, which is a vital sign for the existing manufacturers.

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