Why Food Emulsifiers Market will Witnessing a Steady Growth

Food additive industry is one of the fastest growing industries on global platform with food emulsifiers holding the major steaks of the market. Emulsifiers have numerous applications in food industry, which increases their demand and production ratio. Growing trend of using healthy foods with limited fat contents is the biggest factor that drives the food emulsifiers market. These products are available in numerous forms and combinations, which broaden their scope of application in a variety of food products. Emulsifiers help increasing the aesthetic value of the food and affect their consistency as well.



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Segmentation and Components of Food Emulsifier Market

Products available in the food emulsifiers market affect the consistency, texture and structure of a variety of foods. Available in oil-based and water-based forms, these products are used in numerous food products like chocolates, mayonnaise, biscuits, toffees, chewing gums, breads, ice creams, cakes, peanut butter, soft drinks, caramels and various other bakery and confectionary products. This varied application affects the revenue and production in the industry, which is always a good thing for increasing investments and opportunities.

The market has an interesting segmentation, which is based on the types, applications and geographical demands for food emulsifiers. Sorbitan esters, stearoyl lactylates, mono-glycerides, di-glycerides and other derivatives of glyceride are the most common types of emulsifiers used as additives. Apart from bakery and confectionary, convenience foods, dairy and meat products and other packaged foods and beverages are the predominant application areas for food emulsifying agents. This versatile applications influence the production and revenue generation of the market.

Market Trends and Forecasting Report

According to the geographical trends, Asia and Pacific has the largest demand for these products. Several other developing economies including Latin America and Middle East have also witnessed growth in the demand and supply ratio. Convenience food is the major segment that drives this industry. Growth in the functional foods market, increasing export of gourmet foods, consumer awareness and demands, rising health concerns in developing economies are the strongest reasons that drive the food emulsifier market.

These factors affect the forecasting trends as well. According to the forecasting reports that estimate the future trends until 2018, state that the market is expected to witness steady growth. Owing to the fact that the market is still growing in numerous developing countries, it holds a promising future for the years to come. The industry will flourish at an estimated CAGR of 5.2% from 2013. These figures are expected to remain constant until 2018 taking the market to $2,858.6 million, which is currently poised at $2,108.0 million.

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