Frozen Bakery Additives Market Growing with Rapid Lifestyle Changes

Food additives are commonly added into the foods in order to preserve the flavor and enhance appearance, taste and shelf life. Picking agents, preservatives and natural colors have been used for centuries for these purposes. The global food additives industry has made great deal of growth in terms of revenue, demand and applications of a variety of chemical based on natural additives. Changing role of food additives in global food and beverage industry and constantly rising demand for packaged foods are the major drivers for global frozen bakery additives market. The industry for these products is poised to witness steady rise in terms of revenue and global demand. This demand is directly associated with the constantly rising demand for packaged foods and beverages.

Market Trends for Frozen Bakery Additive Products

Researchers categorize all the components of the global bakery additives market into different segments. Analysis of all these segments provide vital information about the current market trends, future growth prospects, technological happenings and geographic demand from different parts of the world. Frozen bakery additives market is categorized based on several components like the types of additives, their applications, and geography. Geographically, the industry is divided into four regions, namely, Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and rest of the world.

  • Types: Oxidizing and reducing agents, enzymes, emulsifiers, flavors, colors, preservatives, etc.
  • Applications: Pizza crusts, breads, cakes, pastries, and such other products

Market Drivers and Forecasting

As mentioned before, rising demand for processed foods, comfort foods and bakery products is the strongest driver for the global frozen bakery additives market. Changing lifestyle across developing regions and emerging markets of Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America are driving the demand for bakery products within these regions. Establishments of new businesses and expansion programs of existing global bakery and confectionary food leaders are also driving this demand. This trend is also driving investments in the research and development as well as marketing segments of the industry.

To curb this increased demand for bakery foods and food additives, the industry is on the constant lookout for natural and least harmful products. As a result of all these driving factors, the global frozen bakery additives market is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of over 7% during the next few years. At the anticipated CAGR, the market is expected to become worth $1,469.7 Million by 2018. Europe is estimated to dominate the global market in terms of demand, revenue and production. Asia Pacific on the other hand is expected to witness impressive growth during the forecasting period.

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