Three Reasons Why Global Animal Feed Enzyme Market is Growing

Feed additives and enzymes have become a commonplace across the globe. The meat production industry is making all the possible efforts to improve the industry value chain and overall global production of meat. Enzymes are the substances are introduced to animal feed for increasing the quality and health quotient of the food. They are especially added to stored and made up feed for animals. Along with increasing the quality of the feed, they also provide disease resistance, feed digestibility and promote faster growth of the livestock. Owing to these facts, animal feed is becoming an integral part of the farmers. The positive effect of this trend is visible on the global animal feed enzyme market, which is growing at a rapid rate.

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In modern times, feed enzymes play a vital role in animal nutrition and growth. Many animals are unable to digest more than 20% of the feed that they consume. Low quality nutrition is the biggest reason for it. These enzymes are hard to digest for the animals. This creates deficiencies for various enzymes. Adding artificial enzymes can complete these demands and maintain their health. Globally growing meat production industry is also the biggest driver for the increasing business channels in the global feed enzyme market. Increasing environmental concerns is also one of the reasons for increased consumption and production of feed additives. Phosphorous in manure has raised many environmental concerns, which can be resolved with enzymes.

Feed additive market is segmented based on their types, sub-types and applications. The geographical trend of demand also holds importance in the overall condition of the market. NSP or non-starch polysaccharides, protease and phytase are the major types of feed enzymes. These types are divided into other sub-types such as mannase, xylanase, pectinase, cellulase, etc. These enzymes are included in the feed for most of the livestock including swine and ruminant. It is also used for poultry and aqua feed. According to the market research reports, the Global feed enzyme market was poised at USD 781.7 million in 2012. These figures are estimated to increase at the CAGR of 7.3% until next four to five years. Europe is the current market leader, which is followed by Asia Pacific.

According to the research forecasts, countries in Asia Pacific regions such as China, India and Japan will record great rise in demand and consumption of feed enzymes. China will be the largest revenue generator within the APAC region according to the reports.


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