Cost Effectiveness of Technologies is Paying off for the Heterogeneous Networks Market

Mobile data is in great demand, which puts added pressure on the existing networks. This crucial fact is forcing mobile operators to search for more powerful stations and better networks. Along with network efficiency, cost effectiveness is another issue, which is why telecommunication is witnessing great transition. This transition is causing quick migration from conventional homogeneous networks to advanced heterogeneous networks. This upsurge is driving the global heterogeneous networks market, which will ride high for the years to come.


Advantages of Heterogeneous Networks Technology

HetNet connects computers and other devices with various protocols and operating systems including LAN to MS Windows and Apple Macintosh with Linux based PCs. Such heterogeneous networks are also ideal for wireless connections. Switching to HetNet allows mobile operators to spread the mobile data through Wi-Fi networks and small cells. It also allows the operators to provide deeper network coverage to new areas belonging to dead zones. Such increasing deployments are boosting revenue channels in the global heterogeneous markets. Segmentation in the market is based on the types of different products, services, business verticals, applications, services and geographical demands on global scale.

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Segmentation and Forecasting Reports for HetNet Market

Based on the types of products, the market is divided into femtocells, picocells, microcells and carrier Wi-Fi. Based on deployments, the market is segmented into Greenfield and Brownfield deployment techniques. Services offered in the market holds separate segmentation, which is based on RF planning, design and consulting, testing, integration and training. These services are ideal to be used in different business verticals including consumer and residential, utilities like energy, oil and gas, commercial and official buildings, public safety, transportation and automation, travel, hospitality, academia and education. This wide range of application has strengthened the global HetNet market, which is aiming at a booming growth rate.

According to marketing research reports for the global HetNet market, industry is anticipated to grow at the CAGR of 62.22%. The market will stick to this whopping growth rate from 2013 to2018, which will take to $16.04 billion by 2018. According to the 2012 reports, the market was poised at $880.73 million. Within the next few years, HetNet technology is expected to become ubiquitous and pervasive, which is a great sign for the businesses looking for growing investments in this industry. It is also a great sign for the existing businesses looking to mark their presence on the global platform. According to the analysis, not all the global operators have switched to the heterogeneous networks. This has created a great scope for revolutionary growth in future.

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