Mega Data Center Market Driven by Rapid Growth in Data Traffic – An Overview

It’s been a long time since the huge computer rooms have been replaced by the data centers. Reduced complexity and increasing deployment of the modern computers started creating the need for strong systems to control the information technology resources. Data centers of various sizes and complexities help the organizations to house their computer and storage systems and telecommunication models. The mega data centers are creating strong growth in the global market thanks to the rising demand for storage, connectivity, data sharing and IT revolutions. Great computing capacity, large deal of data transfer ability, and great room for storage are some of the major drivers for the global mega data center market. Rising demand from different parts of the world is helping this industry to maintain healthy growth rate during the next few years to come.

Mega Data Center Market

Segmentation in Mega Datacenter Industry

The global industry is segmented on the basis of the types of solutions, services, demand from different business verticals, end users, and geographic regions. Following are the details of the sub-segments in the mega data center market:

  • Services: Monitoring, system integration and professional services
  • Solutions: Support and IT infrastructure, cooling, security, management & power solutions
  • End Users: Colocation providers, cloud system users and enterprises
  • Verticals: BFSI, IT & telecom, government, media, entertainment, public sector and others
  • Geography: EU, NA, LA, APAC & MEA

Major Drivers

Extensive scalability and flexibility offered by data centers is helping the mega data center market to witness steady growth across the world. These information centers have serviceability, efficiency, reliability, and operational cost benefits. All these features are rapidly improving with innovative technology. As a result, the mega centers are influencing the global market at a fast pace. Investments from key vendors and global players have also created greater business opportunities for the existing businesses in the industry. Growth prospects form across the world including the emerging regions like Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America are particularly attracting the established as well as new investors towards this market.


According to the latest market research reports, the global mega data center market will grow at over 4.7% from 2014 to 2019. At this steady CAGR, it will grow from $16.35 billion, as of in the year 2014. By the end of the year 2019, the market is poised to reach past $20.55 billion. Along with the developed parts like North America and Europe, the market has great development opportunities across emerging markets. Rising demand, growing applications, strong rate of adoption and technological advancements will continue to create growth prospects for this industry.

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