Key Factors to Observe in Membrane Bioreactor Systems Market

Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and management industry is in constant need for various filtration techniques. Membrane bioreactor or MBR system is the common resort for these requirements. It is an excellent filtration technology with the feature of biological treatment and management of wastewater. Increasing government regulations is the strongest reason for the exclusive growth of the global membrane bioreactor systems market. MBR systems are ideal for using in small, medium and larger wastewater treatment plants, which increases their popularity.



Reasons behind the Success of MBR Systems Market

Scarcity of drinkable water sources expects increased wastewater treatment activities. Membrane bioreactor systems market provides environment and economic friendly solution to this problem, which is one of the biggest reasons why this market is growing at such an explosive rate. Increasing stringency of government rules and regulations is also putting pressure on increasing the production and consumption of MBR systems in various regions of the world. Government regulations about water purification and public hygiene have increased concerns of industrial and municipal authorities, who prefer using these systems for water treatment.


Segmentation in this market is based on configuration, types and applications of membrane bioreactor systems. Based on the types, the industry is segmented into industrial and municipal wastewater treatments. These systems are available in flat sheet, hollow fiber and multi-tubular membranes. These membranes can be used through side stream (external) and submerged (internal) systems. Geographical demands for these systems also have a great influence on the overall market size and trends of MBR systems market. Countries like China and Japan are making extensive use of membrane bioreactor systems for water treatment.


According to recent marketing research reports, the membrane bioreactor systems market is estimated to increase at an extremely rapid rate. Growing regulatory concerns are also pushing various regions to opt for MBR systems. According to the reports, the market is estimated to grow at an anticipated CAGR of 20.8% from the year 2012 to 2017. With around 41.2% of market share, Asia Pacific region was the market leader as per the 2011 reports. APAC was followed by Europe and North America. This region is expected to retain its position in the years to come. Developed countries make maximum use of MBR systems in municipal areas, while developing regions use it more in industrial areas.

All these facts suggest the growing size and business opportunities in the bioreactor membrane market at global platform.


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