Mobile 3D Market Reaching Exponential Growth Rate from 2014

Continual evolution in the 3D technology holds great significance across different industrial verticals and telecommunication industry is one of them. Introduction to new generation mobile phones enabled with advanced 3D technology are catching eye of the consumers and manufacturers alike. No wonder, the global mobile 3D market is growing at an exponential rate. Increasing number of users, advanced mobile technologies and applications are creating impressive growth prospects for the industry across different industrial verticals. Investments from key players also play pivotal role in the current conditions and exciting growth prospects for the industry during the years to come.

Segmentation in Mobile 3D Technology Market

In order to understand the basic products, trends, competition, growth prospects, and challenges in the market, one needs to analyze all the segments of the industry. Researchers segment the global market on the basis of the types of products, components, applications, stakeholders and demand across different geographic segments. Following are the details of the sub-segments:

  • Products: 3D enabled smartphones, notebooks, tablets, and other devices
  • Components: 3D image sensors and 3D displays
  • Applications: 3D gaming, projection, ads, digital content, navigation, media, and protection
  • Stakeholders: Mobile device manufacturers, app vendors, ad, gaming and silicon companies
  • Geography: Middle East and Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe

3d mobile market

What to Expect: Growth and Forecasting

Strong investments by key players from around the world are the strongest driver for the global mobile 3D market. Assurance from key players is creating huge potential for growth and revenue for the existing as well as new companies within the industry. Unique applications and constantly evolving technology in the industry are some strong reasons why the market for mobile 3D technology is expected to gain such rapid momentum across all the arts of the world. Comfortable condition of industry across developing countries and impressive penetration of smartphones technology within emerging markets are some other drivers encouraging the 3D technology for mobile phones ahead.

As per the latest market research reports, mobile 3D market is anticipated to witness exponential growth rate of over 62% from 2013 to 2018. During the next four to five years, the market is expected to reach to selling 547.69 million units by the end of the year 2018. Strong proliferation of video content and gaming technologies play huge role in making 3D technology a mainstream product. Increasing attraction for high definition experience is equally contributing to the current and projected scenario for the mobile 3D technology.

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