Mobile Advertising Market Driven by Emergence of Advanced Devices

Mobile advertising is a subset of mobile marketing and as the name suggests it is done through mobile phones and wireless devices. Although always compared with its counterparts like internet advertising, this form of advertising has a far greater reach, thanks to a number of reasons. Mobile revolution across the world has a huge role to play in the growing strength of the global mobile advertising market. Diverse access and rapidly growing technology are estimated to help the industry to maintain an impressive run during the next few years. Rising demand from emerging markets is also positively charging the industry, which is a great sign for the key players.

Drivers for M Advertising Market

The global mobile advertising market is driven by the rising demand for cell phones and mobile phones. Availability of a wide range of options is also a significant driver for the market. Development of advanced devices with strong network connectivity at even the remotest places of the world is also helping the industry players to arrange new marketing and advertising plans. Advancing network technologies, growth of the usage and reliance on mobile web for various activities, growing interest of the emerging markets and changing trends of mobile applications are also expected to play key role in the overall growth of this market in the next few years to come.

Market Segmentation

Researchers have segmented the global mobile advertising market on the basis of the types of solutions, services, their applications and end user segments. Demand for the industry products across various geographic regions is also taken into consideration for a clear analysis of the current trends and growth prospects for the market. various types of advertising covered in the market include SMS, MMS, search advertising, P2P messaging, video, rich media and display advertising, mobile digital coupons, outbound dialer advertising, in-app advertising, and voice SMS and so on. Companies are in search of advanced methods to promote advertisements through this powerful medium, which is driving the market growth.

Forecasts and Trends

Strong and positive response from the customers is turning out to be the key for the industry players. Technological advancements, innovative advertising tactics, and growing investments in the mobile advertising market are also expected to drive growth trends in the market. Emergence of mobile proximity marketing is considered to provide major boost to the industry during the next few years to come. Thanks to the rising demand and technological advancements, the market is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of over 38% from 2013 to 2018. This growth rate will take this industry to reach past $76.57 billion in 2018.

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