Mobile Device Management (MDM) Market Has Emerged In the Recent Past & Is Expected To Rapidly Grow In The Near Future

Mobile devices have now become the basis for the mobile work environment and these continue to be consumer-driven. Mobile devices are now being brought to work by the employees, and Information Technology (IT) is responsible for implementing policies so as to allow a secured access to the corporate information. Employees now demand for enhanced flexibility to select one’s device in order to access data, voice and video services from anywhere. The highly complex and mobile environment demands the employees to have continuous access to the corporate data irrespective of one’s location.

The mobile device management market is expected to grow from $1.01 Billion in 2013 to $ 3.94 Billion in 2019 at an estimated CAGR of 26.8%.

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There has been extensive research done to build comprehensive, efficient and effective data security solutions for the organizations. The enterprise IT needs to inspect each and every device that is being used by the employees to access the corporate data. Organizations have been following various policies and security norms to improve co-ordination between the employees.

Organizations embracing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend permits its employees to access the corporate data, thereby, increasing the overall efficiency of the business. However, the organizations face various challenges such as data security, device security management among various others. Further, the organizations also seem to be facing challenges for managing the increasing number of smartphone models and operating systems. This gives rise to Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions which can be used to effectively control and manage all company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices in the organizations. MDM solutions help with OTA distribution of compliance policies and settings and secure, manage, monitor and support the mobile devices in the network.

Corporate data security, mobile device population explosion and consumerization of IT are the key drivers for the MDM market. The regional economies are experiencing higher penetration of the smartphone in the workforce which is again creating business opportunities for the MDM vendors. With the introduction of technologies such as Rich Communication Services, it is now possible to exchange files by using various applications in the mobile devices. Moreover, the management of such applications to avoid the misuse of business information is another opportunity in this market. Majority of the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in regions other than North America are yet to deploy MDM solutions with cost being the biggest restraint here. MDM vendors can grab this business opportunity by providing cost-effective solutions; for instance, cloud-based solutions for SMBs will turn out to be cheaper in the longer run.

The increase in the usage of sophisticated devices at workplace and the permanent need to have a mobile work environment with uninterrupted access to the business information will keep driving the MDM business in the coming years.

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