Reasons Why Modular Data Centers Market will Witness Tremendous Growth

Data center are an essential part of the computerization that took place since last few years. They are considered as an inseparable part of the IT infrastructure as they help in cost management, cooling and power, labor management, asset depreciation, tax management and many more activities. Modular form of these data centers come across as a great alternative to the traditional ones, which is the driving factor for growing modular data centers market. The global market for these datacenters is rooting for booming success in the years to come. Research reports on the market also back these assumptions with positive results.



Global modular data centers market deals with purpose engineered systems and technologies that offer scalable capacity, cooling and power options. The best thing about these modules is that they can be moved anywhere, which helps easy integration and helps them retrofit into various existing data footprints. These portable modules can easily complete the dynamic business requirements of the world, which makes them even more popular. Along with the modular datacenter types and applications, the market is largely segmented based on the types of business verticals, size of the organizations and geographical demands.

Considering the types of business verticals, these datacenters are classified into six specific segments, namely, BFSI (banking, financial service, insurance), IT & telecommunication, oil & gas, government & public sector and others. Self contained and individual modules are the basic types of modular data centers both of which have numerous applications. The basic applications of these portable modules include into high-density networks, instant datacenter and retrofit, remote office support, disaster recovery and mobile computing. This wide range of applications is responsible for increased popularity of these modules on global platform.

The global modular data centers market is hoping for a great future and marketing research reports for the market do not fail to disappoint this hope. According to the recent reports, the market is expected to increase at an expected CAGR of 37.41% from 2013 to 2018. As of 2013, the market revenue is at $8.25 billion, which is expected to reach $40.41 billion in 2018. These figures are exciting for the global players as well as new entrants looking for long-term investments in this industry. Sectors like micro data center is expected to flourish more due to rise in demands. North America is the leader in the market, which is followed by Asia Pacific and Latin America.

The huge potential in developing countries is a great sign for the success of the global modular data centers market in the years to come.


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