What Future Beholds for the Global Network Outsourcing Market

Global business environment is becoming more challenging with each passing day. Staying on top of the game has become the need of the hour for entrepreneurs looking to survive in this competition. An established business infrastructure integrated with skillful network infrastructure helps maintaining internal business proceedings and building external relationships. Expertise in handling intricate business proceedings is driving the global network outsourcing market. Network outsourcing along with manage network solutions helps businesses in numerous ways. It helps them focus on the core business and offload IT services and operations to the service providers. This advantage has made managed networks services ideal for global organizations.

managed network services market

Network Outsourcing Market

Outsourcing and relevant networks components are one of the most complex aspects of the information technology infrastructure. Network outsourcing is a multilayer process, which involves purchase of ongoing telecom management services. it is essential for maintaining, managing, upgrading and supporting the core telecommunication assets. These assets include wireless and fixed network connections. Global managed network market is booming with increasing adaption and technological advancements. Hence, various thriving segments in the market are creating new business opportunities in terms of revenue, growth and opportunities.

Segmentation in the market is based on four crucial factors, which include the types of components, types of services, size of the end user organizations and applications in different business verticals. based on the types of components of managed network, the market is segmented into five types, namely, managed LAN/WLAN network, managed IP/VPN, managed IP telephony, managed video conferencing or telepresence and managed Ethernet links. These components are used by small businesses, medium businesses and large organizations in different business verticals.

The most common verticals include BFSI, telecom and IT, retail and consumer service, logistics, transportation, utilities, public sector, etc. Services offered in the market include:

  • Support and maintenance
  • Managed network implementation
  • Managed network design
  • Managed network monitoring


All these types of services have enriched the global network outsourcing market in terms of growing business opportunities and presence. According to the thorough market study of all the aforementioned segments, global managed network market is expected to make remarkable progress from 2013 to 2018. Based on the same reports, it is estimated that the global industry is poised to grow at an anticipated CAGR of 12.1%. At this remarkable CAGR, the industry will become worth $58.4 billion in 2018. In 2012, the market was set at $29.5 billion. This shows signs of great progress for market. IT and telecom service providers are the major clients for the market. Europe is estimated to be the leader in the global industry, which is followed by Asian countries like India and China.

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