Security Testing Market Makes Healthy Growth Amidst Rising Security Threats

Security testing is the most common type of non-functional software testing that assists in revealing the flaws inside the information systems in order to protect the data. Introduction to testing outsourcing and automation services have created exciting business opportunities in the security testing market. Rapidly rising demand and technological advancements in the market are set to help the businesses in the market to maintain impressive growth in the coming years. Existing as well as potential players in the industry are set to witness growth opportunities from emerging regions of the world. Rising rate of adoption is set to make healthy growth prospects for the key players in the industry venturing into new markets.

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Segmentation in the Market

The global security testing market is segmented on the basis of the types of network services, types, applications, tools, deployment models, industrial verticals and geographic regions. The network services in the market include intrusion detection system (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), firewall testing, Universal Resource Locator filtering (URL filtering), Unified Threat Management (UTM) testing, and virtual private network (VPN) testing. The applications of these services are sub-segmented into the types of services and types. The types of application services include dynamic application security testing (DAST) and static application security testing (SAST). The basic tools in the market are categorized into web testing, penetration testing, and code review and automated testing tools.

Major Drivers & Restraints for the Market

Strong rise in security threats around different industries are driving the enterprises to adopt the solutions available in this market. According to the analysis, security testing market is steadily driven by three major drivers, which include:

  • Strict federal regulations and stringent government laws
  • Rapid development of mobile devices and web applications
  • Increased security threats

According to them, major restraints for the key industry players include high innovation costs and lack of domain-specific tools along with limited knowledge of security testing. However, growing appeal and reduced skepticism about security testing and evolution of testing as a service are creating better opportunities for the existing and potential players in the market. Demand from the emerging markets is also expected to attract new investments in these regions.

Forecasts – What to Expect?

Researchers suggest the security testing market to maintain growing at a healthy CAGR of over 14% from 2014 to 2019. At the estimated growth rate, the industry is poised to become worth $4.96 billion by 2019. As of 2014, the market is estimated to be worth $2.47 billion. During the forecasting period, North America is expected to dominate the global market in terms of the market shares. However, emerging regions are also expected to witness impressive rise in terms of demand and revenue.

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