System Integration Market to Progressing with Communication Applications

System integration is a key concept of information technology, defined as the process of connecting various computing systems and software together and ensure that all these elements function together as a unit. System integrator brings together various techniques like enterprise application integration, computer networking and manual programming. Solid growth in communications and networking applications are forcing various organizations to look for cost effective options to the traditional ones. This is a strong driver for the global system integration market. Multiplicity, heterogeneity and distinctiveness form most of the applications are helping the businesses to work with decentralized, digitized, and globalized processes. Various drivers to the industry contribute to the projected healthy growth during the coming future.

system integration market

Segmentation and Trends in System Integration

As mentioned before, amplification of the information technology services and growing complications within the network and application infrastructure departments are driving major companies to switch to the system integration. Advancing technology in the industry is also a key driver for the industry. Rising demand for these systems is driving the research and development activities within the industry, making it a highly functional and growing segment of the overall IT sector. The global market is segmented into different types of infrastructure and application integration services, consulting applications, end-user business verticals, and geography. Following are the details of the sub-segmentation in this industry:

Applications Services: Data integration, integrated security software, application integration, unified communication, integrated social software, and integrated security software

Infrastructure Services: BMS, IaaS, C2, C4ISR, DCIM, network integration, and cloud integration, etc.

Consulting: Business information, lifecycle management, and business process integration, etc.

 End-Users: BFSI, healthcare, consumer goods, oil, gas and energy, retail, transportation, logistics, telecom and IT, etc.

Geography: Latin America, North America, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe

According to the market research reports, system integration market is expected to maintain a healthy CAGR of over 11% from 2013 to 2018. During the aforementioned compound annual growth rate, the market is expected to grow from $191.36 billion in 2013 to $331.76 billion in 2018. At the projected rate of growth and adoption, the industry is anticipating maximum growth from developing as well as developed regions like North America and Europe. Increasing clientele of existing businesses and potential investments from new businesses are also posing better growth prospects for the global market. Deployment of the industry products within emerging markets of Asia Pacific and Latina America will also provide great traction to the overall market.

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