America’s Gesture Recognition Market to Rise with High-Tech Solutions

One of the booming fields of computer science, gesture recognition has made its mark for the past few years. The technology aims at interpreting human gestures through mathematical algorithms. This technology enables human-machine conversation and promotes the interaction further without using any machines or devices. The global market for this technology is dominated by North America. Increasing demand and constant evolution of America’s gesture recognition market is expected to keep the region ahead in terms of domination in the global industry.

Gesture Recognition Market of America

Gesture is the strongest tool that humans use for communication. Gesture recognition technology makes ideal use of this tool and helps including variety of products in the sanitary and biometric equipments. Both sanitary and biometric technologies require two vital features, which include hygiene and security of applications. America’s gesture recognition market provides this technology in the products that the customer use on a day-to-day basis. These products include soap dispensers, infrared sensor faucets and hand dryers. The biggest advantage of gesture recognition technology is the prevention of wastage of resources and maintaining hygiene with least efforts.

americas gesture recognition market

Americas gesture recognition market


The gesture recognition market of America is segmented on the basis of the types of technologies, deployment across different industrial verticals and regional demands. Following are the details:

  • Technology: 2D camera, infrared technology, 3D vision, ultrasonic and electronic near field technology. The 3D vision technology is further sub-segmented into time-of-light cameras, structured lighting, stereoscopic cameras, etc.
  • Verticals: Automotive, healthcare, retail, consumer goods and consumer electronics
  • Geography: North America and Latin America sub-segmented based on countries


Constant innovation and growing demand for technologically sound sanitary and biometric devices are driving the America’s gesture recognition market. Based on market research reports, the market is expected to grow at a remarkable CAGR of over 34% by 2018. At this rate, the market is expected to reach past to $4774.70 million by 2018. Consumer electronics is the strongest segment of the market based on applications in the industrial verticals. Based on geography, North America is still dominating the American industry. Increasing deployment across entertainment, gaming and other electronics is the most distinguishing factor for both the geographic regions. Augmentation of applications, technological advancements and rising demand are the strongest points of the American gesture recognition market.

According to the forecasting reports based on the current market trends, both North and Latin America are expected to continue their growth at an impressive rate. While, United States of America is expected to dominate the North, emerging markets like Brazil and Colombia will dominate the southern region.

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