Significant Growth Predicted for Automotive Fuel Injection Pump Market in the Coming Years

Growing environmental concerns has led to the rise in demand for fuel-efficient vehicles in order to reduce the CO2 & NOx levels, thereby increasing the use of highly efficient engine. Design of fuel injection system and its components such as automotive fuel injection pump are the most essential parts of an engine, wherein the tuning of fuel injection pump plays a vital role in the whole process of engine calibration. Advancements in technology have further enhanced these systems, thus leading to its more demand.

Market overview

The global automotive fuel injection pump market which is estimated to be valued at USD 20.91 Billion in 2017 is projected to reach a value of USD 38.20 Billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7.8% during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025.

Based on type, the common rail fuel injection pump market held the largest market share, and is also projected to witness the highest growth over the forecast period. This growth can be majorly attributed to the increased demand for enhanced vehicle performance and continuous pressure throughout irrespective of the engine speed & load conditions.

Among applications, the market for direct injection system is expected to hold the largest market share during the projected period, owing to the increased use of direct injection system due to the increasing penetration of the system in the gasoline engine vehicles in North America.

Geographical growth scenario of the market

Among regions, the market for automotive fuel injection pumps in Asia-Pacific is expected to hold the largest market share, followed by North America, Europe, and Rest of the World (RoW), respectively. This growth can be primarily attributed to growing demand more power (bHP) with better fuel efficiency, increased vehicle production, and increased usage of common rail fuel injection pump for passenger cars. Moreover, the current nascent stage of the market, state-promoted support, and cost advantages for OEMs are also driving the market towards good growth. However, the market in North America is expected to witness the highest growth over the forecast period, owing to the rising penetration of direct injection system in vehicles driven by gasoline engines.

Factors impacting the market growth

The growth of the global market for automotive fuel injection pumps is being primarily influenced by the following factors:

  • Increasing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Strict emission control norms by government regulatory bodies

Apart from these, growing use of ethanol fuel in the automotive industry and rising adoption of engine downsizing are expected to further create an array of opportunities for the growth of this market.

On the flip side, growing penetration of electric vehicles and growing support of government due to environmental concerns are the major factors likely to hinder the market growth.

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Major players and strategies adopted for sustenance

Robert Bosch (Germany), Continental (Germany), Denso (Japan), and Delphi (UK) are some of the key players operating in the worldwide market for automotive fuel injection pumps. These players are implementing strategies such as new product developments, expansions, mergers & acquisitions, and partnerships, supply contracts, collaborations, and joint ventures in order to expand their global presence as well as witness a continued growth in the global market.

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