Booming Data Center Infrastructure Management Market- Great Boon for New Entrants

Advanced data center infrastructure management or DCIM is a strong replacement for the conventional ways of managing the datacenters. An extension of network management and datacenter management systems, DCIM helps in seamless monitoring of the entire system. Increasing range and size of information technology sector is leading to different issues including energy efficiency, improvements in datacenter performance and infrastructure management. All these are proving to be the driving factors for the technological advancements and business opportunities in data center infrastructure management market. Global DCIM industry is blooming at an exceptional rate, which is an excellent sign for new investments and expansions across the emerging regions of the world.


Segmentation in the DCIM market is largely based on different types of data center management systems and demand patterns across various geographical regions. Software and services are the two basic segments in the industry, which are further divided on the basis of their applications across various industrial verticals. According to geographical regions, the basic segments in the industry include Latin America, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa. Business verticals with essential applications of datacenter infrastructure management include the industries like telecommunication, retail, banking, consumer goods, information technology, banking, finance and insurance, healthcare and other such industries.


As mentioned before, increasing demand for datacenters is automatically making positive influence on the global data center infrastructure management market. Rising number of information technology systems, consolidation, virtualization, increasing dependency on cloud computing, power consumption and densities of heat, etc. reasons are driving the global industry. Rising applications of information technology are producing numerous business opportunities for the businesses from different parts of the world. Companies from different regions of the world are also investing in the flourishing field of DCIM. Along with increasing investments, existing players are concentrating on creating innovative solutions for their existing customers. Technological innovations are a huge boost for the industry.

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Based on the recent market research reports that analyze the current industry trends, market worth and future prospects in the industry, DCIM market is growing at a remarkable rate. From 2012 to 2017, the market is expected to grow at an anticipated CAGR of over 47%. At this whopping rate, the market is estimated to reach past $3.14 billion by 2017. Reports also claim that banking is the leading business vertical in the DCIM market, which is expected to be surpassed by other emerging fields like telecommunication and information technology services. Asia Pacific region is expected to bring more traction in terms of revenue and business opportunities.

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