Will Cloud Services Keep Your Business Data Safe?

Invention of cloud service has produced wonders for the overworking storage systems of different businesses and government documentation systems. Free cloud services have different advantages for small businesses and large enterprises. These are third party remote data storage services that accommodate all of your business data in a space, which is dedicated for your organization. However, the news reports about hacked government and organization websites creates security concerns for this convenient storage system.

Data Security in Cloud Service Market

market research and cloud services

cloud service market

Top-secret information of numerous leading business firms like Apple was leaked by antisocial elements this year. They resorted with three basic ‘tools’ to complete this mission. These tools include social networks, email service and cloud storage networks. It is a valid reason for different organizations, who are struggling with the anxiety of keeping their data safe and sound, while sharing it on a third party vehicle. Another reason for the increasing worry of these enterprises is the fact that the hackers have advanced technologies and tools that they keep updating.

What Market Research Says

So, is your business data safe on the third party cloud where you stored it? To answer this question, one must perform thorough market research revolving around global cloud services. The global cloud market is booming with technological advancements since past few years. Cloud computing technology has gained global acceptance for its attributes like convenience and simplicity in the process of document storage. It does not require any physical space and gives businesses an easy access from anywhere in the world. While all these attributes make cloud services ideal for large enterprises, they are worried about the privacy and safety of their business data.

Marketing research reports about cloud services deal with these potential challenges of this industry and acquaint the businesses with some immediate solutions to avoid major problems. While there is a potential amount of risk involved in cloud computing, many businesses are also facing data security issues with the data not stored at third party services. According to recent market study, data loss, data breach, insecure APIs, account hijack, shared technology difficulties; insufficient diligence, abuse, malicious internal data and denial to service or access are some major problems that businesses are facing.

Increased amount of security breaches is mainly caused by increased attacks. Researchers claim that these problems have nothing to do with lackluster security provisions on the part of third party providers. Some possible solutions suggested by the researches include regular security assessments to prevent potential data loss of theft, encryption, and web security and intrusion management.

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