Context Aware Computing Market- How Context Awareness is Making Your Gadgets Smarter

Context awareness works in complementary manner to location awareness. Location awareness is all about determining the processes and operation of various devices. Context awareness is a sort of pervasive computing, which is available in smart phones. It offers great flexibility to the mobile users, making mobile usage a swift and intriguing experience. Context aware computing provides information, technologies and applications, which are personalized as per the requirements of the users. These requirements include location, social context, proximity to other devices and objects, environmental factors and activity level. Context-triggering actions are easy to perform on mobiles and other computing devices that use context to enhance the end user experience.

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Context Awareness Computing Market Holds Future of Smart Gadgets

Smart phones and other smart gadgets have taken the tech world by storm. Technological advancements and inventions take place in this market on a daily basis. This increased surge has opened numerous avenues for the marketers of contextual advertising. Creating targeted marketing campaigns is a great way for them to enhance revenue channels and expand their businesses on all platforms, across the globe. Contextual advertising and social networking work hand in hand. Contextual advertising helps social media to monitor their websites and enhance end user experience by providing personalized experience. It also increases the ARPU or average revenue per user for the respective network operators. Overall, it is beneficial for the vendors, networks and contexts.

Computing context, time context, physical context, user context, vendors market, mobile network operators, device manufacturers, social networking, websites and online operations, wireless cellular, local area and personal networks are the major sub-segments of the context market. Various types, industry verticals and products in context aware computing market will have a great rise in terms of demands, supplies and production. As far as geographic demand of these products is concerned, the demands are likely to grow to USD 119.90 billion by the end of 2018. It is currently poised at USD 12.60 billion. In current scenario, increased usage of GPS services is the highpoint of these services. The future however is exciting for this market with numerous advancements and easy accessibility.

As far as the future of the context aware computing market is concerned, the trends are positive from the year 2013 to 2015. The market is still in its budding phase, hence, it will experience continuous rise until 2015. The market will record an estimated CAGR of 35.2% until 2018.


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