Cosmetic Packaging Market Driven by Demand for Innovation

There is clear rise in the inclination towards cosmetics for beauty needs. Global cosmetics industry is growing at healthy pace, which is a good sign for the cosmetic packaging market. This is one of the most vibrant markets with impressive growth prospects as far as the market future is concerned. Scenario in this industry completely depends on the growth of the cosmetics market. Rise in the demand for creative, interactive, and environment friendly packaging is driving the market at stable rate.

Scope of Market Research

Researchers have segmented the global cosmetic packaging market on the basis of various types of packaging, kinds of materials used, applications of the cosmetics, and demand within different geographic regions. The packaging machinery in the industry is also segmented based on the types of machines and geographic regions with largest demand patterns.

  • Types: Tubes, bottles, containers and jars, caps and closures, pen types, roller balls, sticks, dispensers and pumps, and others like pallets, ampoules, droppers, and so on
  • Materials: Glass, plastic, metal, paper, ceramic, acrylic, etc.
  • Applications: Skin care, hair care, makeup and beauty products, nail care, and other premium products
  • Machinery: Filling machines, conveyers, unscramblers, labeling machinery, and such other machines
  • Geography: Asia Pacific, North America, Europe & rest of the world

Drivers and Forecasts

Cosmetic packaging market has huge business potential with changing consumer preference towards cosmetics. Rise in the cosmetics industry will serve to be a great booster for this industry in the near future. The packaging machinery market for cosmetics on the other hand is driven by rising demand and the range of stakeholders. The stakeholders in this segment include cosmetic packaging manufacturers, distributors, traders, cosmetic manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and dealers. Positions of the current market leaders and their ambitious growth and expansion plans are heartening as far as growth of the packaging industry is concerned.

The global cosmetic packaging market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 5% to reach $32,384.25 million by 2018. Rising demand for creative packaging, eco friendly products, and innovative technology are driving the industry at stable rate. In 2012, the global market for these products was poised at $23,532.00 million. Overall growth of the industry is largely driven by Asia Pacific, which is followed by North America. Rapid development of emerging countries like India and China are creating better business opportunities for the businesses in this industry. Growth in global population and rising disposable income are significant factors responsible for this impressive growth of the industry.

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