Drivers for Water Desalination Equipment Market – An Overview

Desalination of the water is the process of removing large amount of minerals including salt from water. The water usually used for this process is saline or seawater, which is being processed to be used as a drinkable source of water. Water desalination has become the need of the hour with growing demand for clean drinking water. Considering the large sources of saline water on the earth – oceans, desalination is attracting many countries that are now using this process to create clean water for human consumption as well as irrigation. Modification of the existing technology, equipment and methods as well as rising demand from around the world are the two vital factors driving the global water desalination equipment market.

Trends & Drivers in Desalination Market

The desalination equipment separate melted salts and other minerals from water and convert it into a portable source of water. Major end-user demand for this equipment is driving the global water desalination equipment market at a steady rate. The global market is strongly driven by various other factors like depleting sources of freshwater, rising demand for water with population explosion, increasing urbanization and demand for clean water, and growth in the rate of global industrialization. All these drivers are creating better business opportunities for the global market. Growing demand for clean energy and hybridization of the desalination processes are also responsible for the rising demand in the industry.

Segments and Forecasting Reports

The global water desalination equipment market is segmented on the basis of the types of technologies, applications, products and demand across different geographic regions. The products available in the market include pumps, membrane systems, evaporators and such other products. The technologies used in the industry are divided into multistage flash, multiple effect distillation, reverse osmosis and other such technologies. Various other technologies included in the market include ion exchange, vapor compression, electro dialysis and other techniques. Major applications of the desalinated water range across industrial, municipal, military and hospitality industries.

As per the latest analysis that includes careful study of the current trends, drivers, forecasts and opportunities in the industry, the water desalination equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 9%. At the forecasted growth rate, the market is expected to become worth more than $15,274 million by the end of the year 2018. Major demand from municipal areas and other industrial sectors like oil and gas, mining and chemical industries are also expected to drive the growth trends in the market, during the forecasting period. As far as the geographic regions are concerned, the global market is expected to be dominated by Middle East region, which is then followed by Europe.

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