Spurring the Electronic Access Control Systems (EACS) Market Success

Selective admission and restriction of access is not an alien concept. Access control systems are electronic security functions that provide protection against all kinds of intrusions and unwanted visitors into a property. This system only allows select people to have free access to a particular premise. This is the most common security system used after physical security. Electronic access control systems (EACS) market is showing great recovery from recession. This fact is evident in the increased demands and expanse of this market. Credit also goes to technological advancements in the products and services.

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Electronic Access Control Systems Applications

Physical security forces like bodyguard, ticket checkers and bounders help the geographical access control. Along with human assistance, usage of electronic security measures is on the rise. This system uses computers to limit and manage the wide range of credentials that replace the conventional mechanical keys. These credentials are the access keys that grant entry to the desired location or building. You need to show the credentials that unlock the door for a predetermined span of time. If the credentials are wrong or wrongly presented, the doors remain locked.

Non-transferable or two factor authentication is the most secure type of electronic access control. Three basic factors serve as the authenticating information, which include PIN or password, smart card and biometric measurements such as fingerprints. As far as the applications of these systems are concerned, they are categorized into commercial, residential, industrial and homeland security. Along with offices and business centers, EACS are largely used in government and defense buildings. Healthcare institutions, financial establishments and airports are some other places that rely on this service.

The electronic access control market is recovering from the recession period with a great zeal. Revived commercial projects and increasing advancements in technologies are the basic reasons behind the increasing demand and growth of this market. The global EACS market is growing at CAGR of 7%. By this rate, the market is estimated to reach to USD 16.3 billion by the end of next three to four years. Increased security concerns, heightened government rules and regulations for mandatory EACS are major drivers behind this growth.

As far as the challenges to this industry are concerned, high costing systems and technological dormancy are the major issues. Growing number of regional regulatory agreements is also a major cause of concern that the market needs to overcome. However, as far as positives and forecasting for the EACS market is concerned, the market trends are highly exciting. The market will definitely register increased demands and revenue for each technological segment of the industry, including biometrics, touch screens, perimeter security, intruder alarms, keypads, cards and other authentication systems.

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