Endpoint Security Market Driven by Rapid Adoption of Innovative Technology

Endpoint security is an essential aspect of network security that protects corporate network, especially when it is accessed through remote devices. Personal firewall and anti-virus software programs are simpler forms of this security technology. Evolving policies of security solutions and rapid adoption of advanced technologies are driving the global endpoint security market. The industry is aiming at healthy growth during the next few years to come, thanks to the swift adoption rate across different industrial verticals. Technological advancements also play crucial role in the increasing popularity of these services.

Segmentation in Endpoint Security

The expert researchers categorize this industry on the basis of the types of technologies, solutions, end users, professional services, size of organizations and the type of deployment models that they choose. Demand across different industrial verticals and geographic regions are also taken into consideration. Following are the details of the industry sub-segments, based on the demand and market shares:

  • Technologies and Services: Antivirus, anti malware, antispyware, mobile device development, personal firewall, personal IPS/IDS, mobile application management, endpoint encryption, behavioral blocking software, patch and configuration management, endpoint virtualization security, and so on
  • Organizations and Size: Enterprises and consumers are the prominent sub-segments based on the types of end-users. These products are deployed across small office home office (SOHO), small and medium businesses (SMBs), and large enterprises
  • Deployment Models: Cloud and on-premise deployment
  • Professional Services: design and system integration, consulting, training, education, and managed services
  • Industrial Verticals: Business, finance services and insurance (BFSI), information technology (IT), healthcare, telecommunication, government, retail, consumer goods, energy and utilities, life sciences, education, manufacturing and such other industrial verticals
  • Geography: North America, Europe, Asia and rest of the world. The rest of the world region includes Middle East and Africa and Latin America

endpoint security market

Future Growth in the Industry

As mentioned before, rapid rate of adoption of advanced endpoint security solutions remains the major driver for the market. Changing security standards and stringent government regulations also play crucial role in this scenario of increasing adoption. Growth in the size of businesses automatically contributes to the increased demand for securing all the endpoints. Development within emerging economies is also essential in this increasing deployment and demand for endpoint security solutions. As a result of all these factors, the industry is set to make healthy growth during the forecasting period.

As per the expert opinions, the global endpoint security market will continue growing at a CAGR of over 7.7% from 2014 to 2019. At the end of the forecasting period the industry will reach $14.53 billion by 2019. As of 2014, the market is worth $10.03 billion in 2014.

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