Treatment of Industrial Exhaust Gases – Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems & Services Market

In recent times, the biggest concern for the world is increasing pollution and population which is adversely affecting the environment. With industrial emissions on the rise, regulations related to environments are getting more stringent. Industries came under scanner to meet these regulations which mandates installation and maintenance of flue gas treatment systems. The treatment of industrial exhaust gases using such equipment enhances the quality of ambient air.

By-products produced during such treatment have alternative benefits. Wet flue gas desulfurization systems are specifically utilized for this technological process. This system helps industries to reduce oxides of sulfur from the flue gases released. In the process of purification, the exhaust gases are treated with reagents such as lime or limestone slurry or ammonia, and hence, by–products such as gypsum and ammonium sulfate are obtained. It is proven that ammonium sulfate produced in such manner meets the agriculture grade fertilizer specifications and can be used in farming. Gypsum can be used in the cement industry as raw material in clinker grinding. Apart from the cement industry, this gypsum has several other applications in agriculture, construction, glass manufacture, and others.

Nowadays, the world is struggling to maintain a balance between supply and demand of certain nitrogenous fertilizers. Also, the production of ammonium sulphate is not evenly distributed across different regions of the world. As a result, the situation drives the necessity to produce more of the product for the agrarian economies such as India. One way of overcoming this production deficit could be the use of flue gas treatment systems which produce ammonium sulfate as by-products.

This revolutionary technology of using flue gas treatment systems to treat industry emission not only helps in meeting the environmental regulations but also helps in utilization of polluted air for production of useful chemicals. The flue gas desulfurization systems market is expected to grow at a steady pace during the next few years.

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