FPGA Market – What Drives the Industry at Healthy Growth Rate?

Field-programmable gate array or FPGA is specified using HDL and is a well-known type of integrated circuit. It allows the designers or customers to configure it in order to their products to adapt to new standards. Advanced applications and benefits of these circuits have increased their demand across the world. These products are now being considered to be essential for various high-end functionalities. Rapid technological advancements on the other hand are also expected to create potential growth opportunities in the FPGA market in the years to come. Different industrial sectors are witnessing wide range of applications of field programmable gate arrays making them highly functional. Growing applications are considered to create potential opportunities for the key players in this market during near future.

fpga market

Segmentation in Field-programmable Gate Array Market

Researchers segment the global FPGA market on the basis of the types of configuration, design architecture, applications and their demand across different geographic regions. The types of configuration in this market are divided into low-end, high-end and midrange field-programmable gate array. Based on design architecture, the market is divided into anti-fuse based, static read access memory (SRAM) and flash based FPGA. These products find basic applications across different industrial verticals including automotive, telecommunication, medical, aerospace, military, consumer electronics, computing and such others. Based on geographic regions, researchers segment the global market into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and rest of the world. The rest of the world region includes countries like South Africa, Middle East and others.

Major Market Drivers and Restraints

According to the experts, the FPGA market is driven by many vital driving factors. Dramatic increase in Asic Design costs and lower NRE costs per design are considered to be some of the major driving factors for this market. Growing need for wireless communication and OTN is also expected to be a vital driving factor for this market. Fast paced market, highly differentiated products and reusability of these products are also driving major industrial verticals towards this market. Strong penetration in Asia and ASSP market, changing end-market dynamics, and growing market of miniaturization are expected to be vital factors creating opportunities in this market during the years to come. Major restraining factors for the market include inability of substitute the Asic devices, high costs during initial stages and lack of new startups. Cost reduction for field-programmable gate array is also expected to be a vital issue in the market.

As per the latest market research reports, the FPGA market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of over 8% from 2014 to 2020. The projected growth rate is considered to be a great sign for the existing businesses in this market. Rising demand from the emerging markets is also expected to provide potential growth opportunities for the key players in this market.

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