Head-up Display Market Aims Strong Growth with Rising Luxury Car Segment

Head-up display or HUD presents data without requiring the users to change their usual viewpoint. Initially developed for military aviation, these displays are gaining popularity with the technological developments and growth in their applications. The global head-up display market is set to witness exponential progress within the next few years to come. This progress is mainly based on the growth in the number of applications and technological changes that the HUD system is set to witness during the near future.

Scope of Research for HUD Market

The global head-up display market is categorized on the basis of the types of components, applications and geographic regions with the maximum demand for these systems. The components segment of the industry is further divided into video generators, digital combiners, projectors, display panels and such other components. The applications of these products include in the automobile, aviation and such other industries. On the basis of geographic regions, the global industry is categorized into the basic geographic segments, which include North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the rest of the world regions. Detailed analysis of the trends and segments of the industry provides crucial details about the future growth prospects for this industry.


The Driving Factors

The analysis also provides details of the drivers, restrains, opportunities and threats that are ahead of the head-up display market. According to the experts, growing concentration on the active safety systems, strong growth in the global Pico projector market, and surge in the industry of luxury cars are some of the strongest drivers for this industry. The heads-up displays were initially developed for the aerospace and military operations. However, the technology found its way in the commercial applications across automobile, sports, and civil aviation industries. All these factors are contributing to the rise in growth for this industry on global scale. Increasing investments from key players and opportunities across the emerging markets are also significant drivers.

Future Growth Estimates

As per the latest industry research reports, the head-up display market is set to make a remarkable growth at an estimated CAGR of 25.8%, which is set to take this industry to reach $8.36 billion by the end of the year 2020. During the forecasting period, Asia Pacific and North America are expected to be the strongest driving forces as far as the growth of the businesses and the industry demand is concerned. Rising investments within emerging markets and booming luxury vehicle market are expected to be the deciding factors for holding up the current growth rate of this industry.

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