Head-Up Display Systems Market Insights by Trend Analysis and Geography

The Head-up display systems are the displays which are installed in airplanes and in high end car segments, for safety assistance of pilots and car drivers. The HUD systems are gratifying users with safety, comfort and infotainment by making available significant data in front sight of the user.  The pilots can see the data such as flight path, path acceleration, visual angle, runway aim point, and updated engine status. For car drivers the HUD system updates car speed information, engine status, navigational assistance, lane assistance and warning messages, which assists the driver in precise and careful driving. The HUD system consists of components such as video generator, projector, digital combiner, and display panel.  With the vast R&D and mass production of the HUD components, the HUD systems are becoming cost effective and more feasible in medium end car segments.

head up display market

The HUDs are extensively used in aviation applications such as defense and civil aircrafts and helicopters and also in automobile segment in premium cars, sports car, mid segment cars, motor cycles. The emerging applications of the HUD systems are health care, defense, sports, and gaming. The sports and gaming applications are expected to be push factors for the HUD systems in the coming 10 years. The augmented emphasis on active safety systems and growth of high-end and luxury car segment are the two major drivers which are propelling sales of HUD systems. The sales of HUD systems are projected to be very high especially in automotive segment in the coming years, by increasing number of high and mid-end car segments and extensive implementation of technically advanced HUDs.

The Europe is the hot destination for the HUD market, occupying highest market share. The European region has developed HUD market because of presence of large number of luxury car manufacturers in the Europe area. The APAC region however is projected to grow with high growth rate with more demand for the aviation and high end automotive segment from the developing nations such as India and China. The manufacturers of HUD systems are concentrating on the APAC region and expected to extend their manufacturing and supply chain in the APAC region.

The manufacturers are bringing much advancement in the HUD systems. The manufacturers are bringing augmented reality in the HUD systems and making it more comfortable for the drivers. Recently, Continental and Jaguar showcased their HUD systems based on Augmented Reality (AR); the trend is expected to be followed by other HUD manufacturers also. The manufacturers of the HUD systems are developing smartphone ‘apps’, through which the user can access the information and navigational assistance through his smartphone which is connected to the HUD through ‘Bluetooth’ or any other wireless technology. The HUDs are expected to excel in various applications and bring various advancements for the safety and comfort of the user.

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