Increasing role of Analytics in Building Automation and Controls Market

In 2012, the “California Energy Commission” unveiled the 2013 energy efficiency standards for buildings, both – residential and non-residential. These standards, last updated in 2008, are certain to reduce energy consumptions over the next few years. Along with the release of standards, the Commission has also given an estimate that it will now cost $2,290 more to build an energy-efficient home while, over the life of such a home, will sum up to about $6,200 for the saved energy.

The release of an estimate for the cost of a building and the projected savings over its lifetime are needed for various building owners as the perception that the cost is high for building automation is rampant in the current market without the foresight for savings on energy. With the building management services now moving towards cloud-based services, the cost of service will again reduce gradually and hence automation for smaller or less complex buildings would be affordable.

The above-mentioned use of building management systems is sure to generate enormous amounts of data, which can be analyzed to come up with energy-efficient solutions. These solutions are based on solid numbers that are specific to one particular building and for a particular application. The data received from a building over a year, for example, would lead to a continual service for analysis and all the buzz around Big Data is just that. The immense popularity and rapid growth of data analytics is certain to tap into the building automation market as well. The use of this analysis for energy management keeps a strict check on the energy consumption, and in turn, helps building owners to meet the standards set by the local regulatory bodies.

The building automation market is currently a circle with regulatory bodies pushing for reduction in energy consumptions, building owners looking to reduce costs and IT industry poised to tap into market delivering data analysis and cloud services. All these bodies or industries or players aimed to achieve their own demands or revenue or targets are incognizant of their involvement towards a better, smarter, and greener country or building or lifestyle.

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