Five Trends in Automotive Industry to Set Your Business in Top Gear

Automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries in terms of revenue and technological advancements. Entrepreneurs entering this industry need essential knowledge about the basic segments in this market. The market encompasses different processes and segments including engineering, technological development, design, manufacturing, maintenance, marketing, distribution and sales. Segmentation and categorization in this market is based on these processes, types of fuels and types of engines. China, United States of America and Japan are the largest national markets for automotive products in that order. Market research reports about this industry provide crucial insight about the current and forecasting trends.

industry Research in automotive industry

What the Future Holds for Automotive Businesses

As per the recent market studies, more than 200 highly advanced and technologically updated cars are expected to hit the market within next two years. Here are some of the must-watch trends for the auto industry in terms of attracting more customers to buy their cars.

1. Appealing Exteriors

Most leading auto manufacturers do not care about the standard size parameters while designing their vehicles. Prestige, power and precision in design hold more importance than size and standard measurements. They are spending a lot more time and resources in getting the appearance right. Appearance of the car includes exterior looks, design, advanced lighting and eye-catching decorative elements, matte paints, black accents and elegant yet functional designs. The biggest challenge in these efforts is to watch out for the budget for profitable business in up-market regions.

2. Regional Competition

Another basic fact that becomes known with market research for automotive industry is the tough competition amongst the core car manufacturers and their geographical presence. According to the recent business research reports, China is dominating with greater manufacturing and distribution figures. However, China along with its other counterparts are facing numerous challenges in terms of revenue channels, saturated home markets and stagnancy in profit margins, lack of investments and least development possibilities. Regions including Japan, North America, China and South America are facing the aforementioned problems respectively.

3. Merger and Cooperation

Feasible business strategies, new investments, technological advancements to attract more sales and middle ground alliances could be the possible solutions. Straightforward mergers, project-related cooperation deals, exchange of shares and ideas are some basic steps that can save automobile industries from various geographical regions of the industry. However, getting greater combined sales volumes is the biggest target for these cooperation deals. Many mergers fail to attain them and end up only in achieving cost cutting.

4. Hard Kick Start

Industry research for automotive segments suggests that starting a new auto brand is a relatively harder task. New car-makers struggle to survive due to major economical hiccups and common selling propositions. Auto industry is going through the age of consolidations. Retaining and rebuilding the resources that you have is crucial in today’s times. Most leading automakers are following this law and seeking resort from engineering and technological marvels to create spectacular models out of their existing range of vehicles.

5. Sci-fi Machines

Vehicles with artificial intelligence like in sci-fi fiction are not a mere daydream anymore. Marketing research suggests that computerized vehicle mechanism, unmanned car driving and other intelligent technologies can always open new doors for investments, achievements and revenues. Apart from unmanned driving, brands are expected to start with technologies like radar systems, sonar and lidar technologies and cameras.

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