Disinfection Segment Touches New Highs by Leading the Infection Control Market

Infection control awareness is the prime reason behind increased growth rate and revenue of the infection control market. Despite the economic expenditure restrictions, infection control is showing great prospects of growth and profit in the years to come. The market is spread through various segments, with numerous applications that have significant importance in various geographical regions in the world. Sterilization and disinfection are the major segments of this market, which are further divided into numerous sub segments. Individual market research about both these segments is crucial to determine the overall market trends and forecasting considerations for the infection control market.

Increased Demand in Disinfection Products

The global disinfection market is divided into five major segments, which are disinfectant wipes, disinfectants, endoscope reprocessing, medical non-woven, disinfectors. These five categories are further segmented into various other segments, such as flusher and washer disinfectors, product types based on surface of the body (hand, face or skin), and high, low and intermediate level disinfectants. Medical non-woven products are divided into various types, such as gowns, drapes, facemasks and sterilization wraps. Sterilization market on the other hand is divided into two major segments, which are services and equipments.

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Apart from the segments in the application and types of the infection control product, the market is also segmented based on the geographical locations. The infection control market research reports suggest increased demand of disinfection products due to rise in surgical proceedings, chronic diseases, and increased number of aging population. These are also the major drivers that control the demands in the infection control market. When it comes to disinfection, endoscope processing segment has brighter prospects. it is due to increased importance of therapeutic and diagnostic endoscopic procedures.

Forecasting reports for the infection control products market are exciting as well. According to the researchers, the market will grow at a steady growth rate of 6%. It will keep growing the same way for the next four to five years, which will take the market from USD 10.5 billion to USD 14 billion. When it comes to geographical locations, North America is the leader in terms of production and demands of infection control products, which is followed by Europe, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. All these markets will record steady growth in the sterilization and disinfection market.

A few issues in the infection control products market require immediate attention. These issues include lack of government funds, which also causes decreased innovation, cost-containment and supply of superior technologies and products to the various parts of the world.

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