Innovations And Massive Developments in Smart HVAC Controls Market

A series of innovations and massive developments in the field of connected living has led the smart HVAC controls to bring up novelty like never before. Combined efforts taken by all the stakeholders in the HVAC ecosystem including hardware and software vendors has shown significant positive trend in this market with new devices coming into the marketplace. Major players in the smart thermostat segment are making use of internet and mobile devices to provide seamless connectivity and control to the users. Also, software and application developers in the mobile platforms such as android, and iOS are playing a crucial role in the entire ecosystem. Although connectivity is one of the major challenges in the developing countries but internet giants such as Google is not leaving a single loophole in overcoming such problems around the globe. The governments of major countries have already started focusing on connectivity issues and national funding has been significantly higher in the recent years.

smart HVAC controls market

When it comes to smart HVAC controls, there is one name which is has already set standards in the U.S., the Nest Labs (U.S.). After its acquisition by Google (U.S.), there have been widespread talks among experts and stakeholders of the HVAC arena. Also, recently launched Nest Developer Program makes it possible for Nest Lab and the developers in the program to work together to create meaningful interactions among Nest learning thermostat and other devices irrespective of the location of the device. More than just linking and remote controlling the devices in home, the Nest Developer Program allows everything from lighting to appliances to fitness bands and even cars to securely connect with ‘Nest learning thermostat’. This brings the conscious home to life by making those homes safer, more energy efficient, and more aware. Recently launched smart thermostat by Honeywell (U.S.), Lyric thermostat is also a breakthrough in the smart HVAC controls market packed with features never seen before. One of the various features of this product is by using smartphone location knows when the user is coming and going. It automatically sets the thermostat in energy saving mode when the house is empty, and when it knows the user is coming home, it automatically heats or cools the house to your preferred temperature.

It is evident that the Internet of Things (IoT) has a lot to offer to the global population and one of the ‘Things’ is definitely the smart thermostat which is set to make the ‘connected living’ worthwhile. Consumers will have to judge their options according to monetary values, and aesthetic preferences and finally, the number of possible interconnected devices and accessories.

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