Intensification of N-Butanol Market- An Eye towards Greater Future

Also known as normal butanol, n-butanol belongs to the group of fusel or bad alcohols. It is a colorless liquid of utmost industrial importance. N-butyl alcohol is a commercial product with a great market in terms of demands and applications. It plays a vital role in the production of various chemicals that have important industrial applications. These chemicals include butyl acetate, glycol ethers, butyl acrylate and other plasticizers. All these chemicals have numerous commercial applications in various fields including paints, textiles and cosmetics. The n-butanol market is booming with increased demands due to additional applications that make them eco-friendly.

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Applications of N-Butanol

N-butanol blended with gasoline, is an approved biofuel. It is a solvent, whose energy is derived from biological carbon fixation. Following are the variety of applications of this chemical:

  • N-butanol is a common ingredient in perfumes, which extracts the essential oils.
  • Along with perfumes, it is also used as an extractant in vitamins, hormones and antibiotics.
  • It is used in hydraulic brake fluids, degreasers, repellents and cleaning formulations.
  • Apart from being an excellent extractant, n-butanol is a great solvent for paints, colors, coating, natural resins, synthetic resins, gums, camphor and dyes.

N-Butanol Market Trends and Forecasting

Easy production, higher demands and extended applications are the basic reasons for increased growth in revenue and size of the n-butanol market. Segmentation of this market is easy based on the applications and production, supply and demand pattern depending on geographical locations. The global trends for these chemical are exciting. According to the market research reports, the global market has recorded significant growth, which is likely to sustain for the years to come.

Regions like Asia Pacific, Europe and North America are likely to record increase in demand and production of these chemicals. In current scenario, China is leading in terms of demands of n-butanol market, which is about 34.8% of the global demand for these chemicals. Production and supply centers on the other hand are concentrated in more developed regions of the world. According to the recent findings, Europe and North America are ruling the market in terms of supply and production.

As far as forecasting is concerned, Middle East and Asia Pacific region is ready for increased demands for the chemicals like butyl acetate, glycol ethers and butyl acrylate. Growing butyl acrylate industry is one of the biggest drivers for this market. Increase in the number of butyl acrylate manufacturers are predicted for the next four to five years. This increased manufacturer units are likely to be established in the new countries from Middle East like Saudi Arabia.

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