Micro Data Centers Market Rapidly Growing Energy Efficient Systems

Datacenters serve as networking hubs that comprise sets of cabling, hardware and software programs. The growing complexity of business operations are creating demand for advanced devices capable of handling the ever-increasing data. Growing use of micro and modular data centers explains the demand to resolve the complexity attached with growing data. Rapidly changing face of information technology is expected to create changes in the way the data centers worked traditionally. Advanced information warehouses like micro data centers are making waves across the industrial verticals. Growing adoption and demand for change in the existing systems of warehousing are creating great business opportunities in the global micro data centers market in the next few years to come.


Scope of Research – Segments and Prospects

Micro datacenters completely eliminate the need for physical buildings. This fact separated them from modular and containerized datacenters. These systems are quick responsive, agile, practical and effective in terms of energy savings. Easy virtual and physical data security offerings make these centers highly useful for small as well as large enterprises. This very fact is also driving the global micro data centers market as well. Considering the impressive growth rate the industry has maintained since the past few years, researchers are hoping for a steady continuation of the current performance of this industry on the global scale, along with impressive rise in demand across the emerging regions.


The global market is segmented on the basis of the types of applications, rack sizes, organizations, and their demand across different industrial verticals and geographic regions. Basic rack sizes of these systems range from 5-25 RU, 26-50 RU, and 51-100 RU. Applications include remote office support, retrofit and instant data center, disaster recovery, and high density networks. Large enterprises as well as small and medium businesses adopt these services for being energy efficient, rapid and effective for data storage on a regular basis. Business verticals with the maximum applications of these systems include BFSI, IT and telecommunication, oil and gas, defense and military, and such other businesses.

Drivers & Restraints

According to the experts, the global micro data centers market is driven by 5 crucial drivers. These drivers include scalability, agility and portability of these centers, their energy efficiency and cost cutting advantages, low OPEX and CAPEX, and contingency backup functions. Apart from that, the market is also expected to driven by the strong growth in demand for the cloud services. Novel and innovative designs are also expected to drive more customers towards these products. Universal and timely deployments of these products are also considered to be the crucial drivers for the market. lack of awareness about the productivity, uses and availability of these products, however, remains a major restraint for the industry during near future.


According to the experts, the global micro data centers market is set to grow at a projected CAGR of over 26% from 2014 to 2019. At the estimated growth rate, the market is expected to become worth more than $4.40billion by the end of the year 2019. As of 2014, it is expected to be poised at $1.34 billion. North America is expected to dominate the global market in terms of demand. However, emerging markets like Asia pacific and Latin America are also set to record impressive growth rate.

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