4 Drivers for Middle East Middleware Market – An Overview

A common type of computer software middleware provides services other than the ones already available with the operating systems. They ease communication inputs and outputs; hence they are highly useful for the software developers. It is one of the most essential and basic infrastructures in the computer that provide core solutions and services like messaging, threading, concurrency, SCA framework, transactions and so on. Growth in demand is considered to be a strong driver for the Middle East middleware market. As per the experts, industrial growth and IT revolution in Middle East is expected to play a vital role in the overall development of different industries in the region are expected to help this market grow at a steady rate.

4 Major Market Drivers

According to the experts, the Middle East middleware market is majorly driven by four crucial drivers, which include growing e-commerce and retail industries. Advancements in these industries are expected to drive the growth in the overall market. Apart from that, growing demand for A2A integrations and cost reduction is also expected to create potential rise in demand for the industry in Middle Eastern region. Exponential growth prospects for the data services across all the enterprises in the region are also expected to drive business opportunities for the middleware market in this region. However, absence of government standards and integration challenges are expected to restraint the overall market.

Segmentation in Middleware Market

The Middle East middleware market is segmented on the basis of the types of products, organizations, deployment models and demand across different industrial verticals and geographic regions. The product segment in the market is categorized into platform, integration and other types of communication middleware. The deployment models are segmented into hosted, on-premise and hybrid models. Based on the size of the organizations, the overall market is segmented into large enterprises, small businesses, medium businesses and medium enterprises. Business verticals with increasing deployment of these services include BFSI, IT and telecom, consumer goods, government, retail, healthcare, oil and gas, and so on.

What to Expect in Future?

Middle East Middleware Market

As per the analysis of the growth trends, drivers, opportunities and competition in the market, researchers are expecting healthy growth for the middleware market in this region. As per the latest reports, the Middle East middleware market is estimated to become worth $1,028.2 million by the end of 2019. From 2014 to 2019, the market is expected to maintain a healthy CAGR of over 9%, which is considered to be a healthy growth rate for the overall industry. as of 2014, the market is estimated to be worth $657.5 million. During the next few years, consumer goods and retail are expected to be dominating the overall Middle Eastern market in terms of revenue. Healthcare and BFSI on the other hand are expected to witness impressive rise in market traction.

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