N-Butanol Market – Record Growth in Applications of N-Butanol as a Biofuel

Normal alcohol or n-butanol is a colorless liquid, when at room temperature. It belongs to the group of fusel alcohols, which is a German term for bad liquor. Also called as n-butyl alcohol, n-butanol is a commercial product, which is produced by oxo synthesis. The process of oxo synthesis takes place in the presence of syngas, propylene and a catalyst that provides aldehydes. The intermediate aldehydes formed in this process are further hydrogenated, which gives way to iso-butanol and n-butanol both of which are the byproducts of this process. N-butanol is a primary alcohol, which is used in the manufacturing process of various chemicals for industrial purpose.

N-Butanol Market Trends and Applications as a Biofuel

N-butanol is a primary alcohol with great industrial importance. It is used for the production of various chemicals like butyl acetate, butyl acrylate, plasticizers and glycol ethers. All these chemicals have great industrial usage ranging from textiles to cosmetics. Due to the higher level of applications and usage, the n-butanol market is also increasing from strength to strength. The global market of these chemicals has recorded significant growth in the recent past. Researchers also claim that the market is likely to grow at even more rapid pace in the coming future.

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Vast area of applications, easy production proceedings and increased demands across the globe are the major reasons behind the increased strength of the n-butanol market in the past few years. As mentioned before n-butanol and various other chemicals such as butyl acetate, glycol ethers and butyl acrylate have numerous applications in the fields of cosmetics, car care products, lacquers, textile, pharmaceuticals, water based coatings, paints, dyes and varnishes. Considering the wide scope of usage, the production of these chemicals is also on the rise.

According to the market research reports about forecast of the n-butanol market, volume of the global market is likely to increase at an annual rate of 4.6%. This market is segmented into four major geographical sections including Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. As per the past reports, Asia Pacific region recorded dominance over the market. However, reports suggest that the rest of the world region is likely to show greater increase in the demand and production of n-butanol and other chemicals. Developing countries like India and China will also record increased demands.

Production facilities of n-butanol are largely located in the developed regions like North America and Europe. There is a possibility of major shift in this scenario with countries from Middle East and Asia-Pacific taking the lead. Butanol is a powerful biofuel, which is renewable; as a result, there will be an increased demand in the years to come.

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