Need for Product Differentiation Will Help Pico projectors Market Growth

Based on our extensive research and market study of semiconductors, electronics and technology sectors over the past one year, we have come up with the following top trends in Pic Projectors Industry for 2013.

Pico projectors are a niche technology that would revolutionize the global projector market by not only making the projectors portable but also enable the projectors to fit into an individual’s pocket. The two most significant segments of these projectors are stand alone projectors and embedded projectors. Stand alone projectors could be further classified as simple stand alone projectors which could be attached to any display device through USB ports and the media player projectors, which have an in built memory slot. Embedded projectors are pico projectors embedded within a device such as cell phones and laptops and can project any thing within this device.

The three major technologies currently being used in pico projectors are Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS), and Laser Beam Scanning (LBS). DLP and LCoS form the mainstream technologies. These use a white light source and a filtering technique to create a different brightness and color on each pixel. Texas Instruments and Syndiant are the main companies using these two technologies while Microvision uses the LBS technology in their products.

Though the scale of pico projector adoption in consumer electronics is not very high currently, MarketsandMarkets expects this to change in 2013. Reduction in prices and the need to differentiate products will be the main drivers to increased adoption. In the smartphone market especially, new technologies like Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and new sensors like pressure sensors were added in 2012 to differentiate products from competitors. This trend is expected to continue next year also with pico projectors being embedded in smartphones, digital cameras and laptops etc.

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