Reasons That Drive North America Weight Loss Management Market Towards Success

Obesity is a major cause of concern in the world today. Overweight people are prone to numerous health conditions, which makes it an alarming cause that requires immediate attention. According to a survey by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in 2012, around 36% of American population was struggling with obesity. Naturally, there is also no dearth for weight loss products in the region. The North American weight loss management market is booming with launch of new products and methods for faster weight loss. Technological advancements and increasing demand for these products are some of the basic reasons why the market is expected to grow at a rapid speed.



Segmentation in Weight Loss Management Industry

Segmentation in North American Weight Loss Management Market is based on several essential factors, which include various diets, supplements and instruments used for weight loss. Customers in North America use different types of weight loss programs that include various diet supplements, rigorous exercise routines with help of several exclusive instruments and other services that provide weight loss meals. These three segments are divided into various sub-segments based on their popularity, production and demands. Segmentation in the market is largely based on the types of weight loss and management programs.

Treadmill, elliptical machines and strength training instruments are some of the most popular instruments used in North America. Other techniques and services like gym, slimming centers and nutrition and psychological consultancy are also popularly used. Along with exercise, customers also indulge into various meal replacement therapies, dietary supplements, protein shakes and other supplementary slimming foods. Surgical assistance therapies like gastric bypass, stomaphyX and intragastric balloon systems are used as well.

What Drives North American market

Obesity poses major health issues to the men and women in all age groups. Hence, getting back to the normal body-weight ratio has become mandatory. People of North America- USA and Canada are keen on finding easy and less time-consuming solutions to their obesity. This requirement for fast acting weight management techniques is also driving the market. Segments of the market that match with these requirements are sailing high in the global market as well. Dieters prefer low-calorie diets, slimming waters, beverages and natural mineral salt drinks. Quick acting and effective diet programs are leading the weight North American weight loss management market.

Apart from diets surgeries are preffered over slimming centers and gyms, thanks to their immediate slimming effects. Clinically obese people are resorting with bariatric surgeries for effective weight management, which is driving the market further. All these factors are contributing the tremendous growth of the American as well as global market. According to the latest market research reports, the market was poised at $104 billion in 2012, which is expected to grow further.


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