What to Expect from the North American Crop Protection Chemicals Market

Several types of crop protection chemicals help controlling pests, insects, bacteria, fungi, diseases and weeds from the farms. Commonly known as pesticides, these chemicals alter, modify and destroy the undesirable microorganisms from the crops and home gardens. These benefits make crop protection chemicals popular amongst farmers and gardening enthusiasts. However, usage and production of these chemicals has great regularization and monitoring in North America. All these factors affect the turnover and trends in the North American crop protection chemicals market, which is aiming at a steady progress in the coming years.


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North American Plant Protection Organization or NAPPO is a global organization with regional and international mandate in terms of phytosanitary standards for usage and production of pesticides. The products covered under North American crop protection chemicals market safeguard the farms and crops by controlling population of the harmful organisms, insects and diseases. Fungicides, insecticides and herbicides are the three basic types of pesticides. All these types include synthetic and non-synthetic /bio-based crop protection chemicals. Wide spread use is the biggest reason for the popularity of these products.

The North and Latin American crop protection chemicals market is largely segmented based on the types of pesticides and country-wise demand for these products in the region. Amongst North America and Latin America, the former region is traditionally the largest consumer of these products. The market is relevantly mature and has leading players, which affects the global turnover of the same market. According to the market trends about the types of active ingredients, North American market was estimated at 1,064.1 KT in 2011. These figures are expected to increase to 1,322.5 by the end of 2018.

Latin American market will continue to grow at an estimated CAGR of 6.3%. North American crop protection chemicals market on the other hand will grow at an estimated CAGR of 4.4%. Increased regularizations by USDA and EPA, environmental concerns and inclination towards bio-based products are some of the reasons for the market to hold such a restricted growth rate. However, the good news is the market will still be growing at a steady rate.

Within North American market, United States of America is the dominant market with more than 80% of total demand. Expansion of farmlands is leading to extensive use of pesticides, which is a driving factor for the market. Developing Latin American countries will also increase the demands in the industry.


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