Optical Imaging to Increase Accuracy of Clinical Research and Diagnostics

Observations and recent research on the optical imaging technologies market shows immense growth in the field of medicine. Medical field is highly approving of the technologies like fiber optics and photonics, which is evident in the growth and future prospects of these technologies. As the name suggests, optical imaging is an imaging technique, highly popular in the medical field. Numerous groups and companies are working on different models of optical imaging. Optical imaging technology uses light that helps in the assessment of optical properties of the body tissues. This assessment shows great findings in terms of clinical research, medical diagnosis, disease prevention and disease treatment.

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Applications of Optical Imaging Technologies

The field of optical imaging has reached to new heights in the past few years. There are four major technologies of this method, which include Near-infrared fluorescence imaging, photo-acoustic optical imaging, hyperspectral imaging and optical coherence tomography (OCT). All these technologies have different applications in the medical field. Advancements in the field of biophotonics have created better opportunities for applications of this technique for high-resolution imaging. There is a large variety of applications and technologies in the imaging of the body parts. This technique has proved to be a blessing in imaging brain and breasts for diagnosis of various diseases.

Optical imaging Market is also used to increase the accuracy and clarity of the surgical biopsies. The tiny fiber optics that are used in this technology help detecting malignant tissues leading to cancer. Advancements in this technique have a bright future for the women fearing breast cancer, as it will help in accurate testing. These tests are a great alternative for the painful biopsies. Optical imaging is especially beneficial to diagnose coronary plaque or heart blockages that are responsible for many heart diseases. These techniques also provide accurate diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease by imaging deep brain structures. Skin cancer diagnosis has also become very easy with help of this technique. They help the detection of remnants of cancerous cells during the surgeries.

Optical imaging market analysis provides detailed information about the segments and sub-segments in this market. It also provides information about the major drives, challenges and business opportunities in this market. Immense scope of application, drug discovery procedures, safety and patient comfort are the major drivers of this industry. However, lack of reimbursement facilities and inadequate clinical data are the major challenges. Overall, the global scenario for optical imaging is quite promising for growth and profit.

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