Healthy Growth in Outdoor Wi-Fi Market Thanks to Rising Demand

Wi-Fi technology allows consumers to connect electronic devices to connect to nearest internet connection through wireless radio waves. After connecting the two, Wi-Fi enabled devices can easily exchange data in both indoor as well as outdoor environments. Outdoor wireless networking technology has become a popular business model, especially with the rising demand for network access across different regions. Rapid growth in information technology and telecommunication market is the biggest contributing factor for the global outdoor Wi-Fi market, which is aiming at healthy growth in terms of revenue and global presence.

Segments and Trends in Wi-Fi Market

Global outdoor Wi-Fi market has gained great momentum since past few years, majorly because of the revolutionary growth in the telecommunication and information technology market. Growing penetration of smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks and other forms of personal computers is responsible for increasing demand of portable Wi-Fi facilities. Rising demand for uninterrupted wireless networks and easy access to data exchanges is also responsible for the growth as well as increasing technological advancements in the market. Manufacturers from across the globe are concentrating at creating advanced devices and routers that can easily transmit uninterrupted network signals even at the most crowded areas.


Outdoor Wi-Fi Market: Revenue and Growth Rate, 2013-2018 ($Billions)

Outdoor Wi-Fi as a service and increasing applications of Wi-Fi as a business model have opened up the market boundaries for new entrants, investments and global expansions. As a result, variants like Wi-Fi hotspots, outdoor Wi-Fi, machine to machine (M2M), Wi-Fi on the go, carrier Wi-Fi, and In-Flight Wi-Fi have opened some of the most lucrative business platforms for the existing as well as potential investors looking for business opportunities in the industry. Market research reports for outdoor Wi-Fi market explain vital details about the industry, which include prevailing market trends, business opportunities, competitive analysis, geographic penetration and investment prospects as well as present threats in the industry.

According to the latest reports, outdoor Wi-Fi market is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.8% during the span of five years. It means from 2013, the industry is expected to grow from $15.41 billion in 2013 and become worth more than $37.2 billion in 2018. Several high growth markets for the industry include lucrative industrial verticals like education, public sector, logistics and transportation, travel and hospitality and healthcare. Several restrains for the industry include countrywide regulations, 3G and 4G connectivity, contention loss, radio challenges and rising competition.

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