What Makes Outdoor Wi-Fi Market Grow at Such a Rapid Rate?

In today’s technologically advanced ecosystem, network services like Wi-Fi have become necessary. This increased demand has significantly affected the functionalities and applications of various network services. Wi-Fi is popularly used for internet connectivity in wireless format. Along with conventional devices like computers and laptops, these network services are easy to share with a variety of other end-user devices including smart phones, tablets, notebook computers, handheld and portable gaming consoles, etc. This network service helps inexpensive deployment of the LANs. With help of exciting features like outdoor Wi-Fi, various public buildings can easily provide wireless networks. This has become a major contributing factor for the rapid growth in the outdoor Wi-Fi market.

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Rapidly increasing CAGR of this market is the proof of its increased applications and deployment in various industries. Wireless networking has become a widespread field with advanced methods and applications spread across a variety of markets. When one observes segmentation in the outdoor Wi-Fi market, it is mainly based on the types of deployment, products, industry verticals, services, applications and geographical demands for all these types. Deployment of outdoor wireless networking is spread across outdoor hotspots, municipal networks or citywide networks and private networks.

Outdoor Wi-Fi market serves a variety of industry verticals including education, public sector, healthcare, transportation, automotive, logistics, travel and hospitality. The basic applications of this service include in network planning and design, support, analysis and surveys and installation of a variety of services. Considering this widespread scope of application, it is safe to say that outdoor Wi-Fi is popularly accepted in various business verticals. Access points, wireless hotspot gateways, relays, repeaters and controllers are the common products used for the provision of these services.

Wireless networking has become widely available across the globe. According to the business research reports for this market, by the end of 2016, 45% of the existing Wi-Fi points will be deployed by outdoor wireless services. This shows the kind of growth one can expect in this market in the years to come. As far as forecasting reports are concerned, the Outdoor Wi-Fi Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.8% from 2013 to 2018. The market is set at $15.41 billion on 2013, which is expected to cross $37.2 billion by 2018. These trends are exciting for the existing players in the market, who are looking for global expansion.

Wi-Fi hotspots, carrier Wi-Fi, M4M or machine-to-machine wireless connection, Wi-Fi on the go and in-flight Wi-Fi have the most lucrative market trends, hence possibilities for growth in the years to come.


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